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February 22, 2019

Did not notice a difference. Took it for 4 months and went back to zinc 

May 31, 2018
Was great at first...
Was great the first few months of taking it. My skin has never been softer and acne went away for the first few months. But came back with a venegence. Also I want to mention at the same time I started this I quit dairy. So that may have been it not the fish oil. Im still dairy free today.
April 20, 2018
Works for tone and texture but beware of cystic pimples!
I have mixed feelings towards Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements. On one hand, they do wonders for the overall texture of my skin and evening out my skin tone where there is no acne. However, after 2 separate attempts with 2 different brands of expensive Omega 3 supplements (both each around £20 for a months supply) I broke out with cystic pimples on my chin BOTH TIMES - I didn't change anything else in my diet apart from the Omegas so I know it's this. Luckily, the second time around I worked the correlation out straight away and stopped taking the supplements the day my first cyst popped back up; so hoping they won't hang around for too long! The first time I hadn't worked out the correlation so I continued taking and my cysts persisted for a couple of months. Overall, if your skin doesn't break out with the Omega's I would definitely recommend for overall tone and texture but be super careful with these!
August 19, 2017
May work for some people...
But didn't work for me. Gave my very oily skin and hair. My scalp even broke out. I love eating fish but fish oil supplement is not for me.
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April 7, 2017
Caused breakout
Had been using natural yoghurt as a face mask and taking omega 3 capsules for two weeks,, my skin cleared up massively and a lot of the redness and patchiness went away,, however after about two weeks my skin suddenly broke out with a lot of cysts and redness and is taking longer than usual to go away ,, would not recommend
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October 24, 2016
FO caplets = BAD, eating fish = GOOD
Oily, hormonal-acne skin. So years ago I was taking fish oil *caplets* for my health and I think (though not sure) that the caplets were causing some cysts because they stopped forming once I stopped taking the caplets. And a family member said the caplets made their skin very oily. If you read about fish oil caplets, some would say that the oil is of inferior quality or is even rancid and thus could be causing acne... HOWEVER! I started eating fish everyday (herring, sardines, occasionally salmon - NOT the big mercury fishes) and it does not cause acne, and instead I think it helps my skin! One day I visited Little Tokyo LA and ate of nothing but sashimi/sushi that day and the next day my skin was glowing. So, fish oil helps but not as caplets, but as actual fish!
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November 17, 2015
May cause cystic acne
I took these for about a month and they did nothing for my general health. I didn't feel like they were beneficial a all. Also my skin was left unimproved and I even got a few cystic pimples on my chin. May be helpful for some but definitely not for me! They may have more effect in the long term but I had to stop because of the cystic acne.
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August 21, 2015
Don't be fooled with dosage
I have long been a proponent of fish oil for all of the well documented benefits. For several years I would give my daughter several pills a day for pcos and acne, but it did not seem to make much of a dent. I finally got serious about looking at the EPA and DHA content and discovered that her dosage was way less than expected. I bought a liquid fish oil and gave her about 3000-4500 mg of EPA+DHA per day. Her skin went from seriously acne prone (blackheads and pimples) to clear in a matter of a few days. This has been an eye opener for both of us. She is also gluten and dairy free, but it wasn't until good doses of fish oil that her skin cleared up.
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April 20, 2015
may be doing you harm
I have been taking fish oil for a number of years to combat seborrheic dermatitis and joint pain from years of playing sport. It has really helped with pain in my knee but reading all these negative reviews got me thinking about it's impact on acne. I stopped taking my daily fish oil only 9 days ago and my skin is 90% clearer! I have had a terrible summer with cystic acne and until reading some of these reviews I would never have put two and two together. If you have been supplementing with fish oil long term I suggest you ditch it for a week or two and see what happens.
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March 8, 2015
Helps Inflammation but is not a cure
Been taking fish oil for about a year now . Has definitely helped my acne appear less red but haven't seemed much of a decrease in acne. Still definitely worth taking as Omegas are very good for you
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