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It really did help my skin
Reviewed on June 24, 2016

I had a microdermabration and extraction 3 days ago at my derms office and it definitely help improve my skin texture. If you have a lot of clogged pores and oily skin i recommend it. There really is no down time if done correctly.

Suits me but don't expect miracles
Reviewed on January 28, 2016

There seem to be very mixed reviews. Don't expect miracles and do your research on your salon. Looking at Genie123's review the lady did not seem to care or understand what she was doing. Sounds like it was not adjusted to suit her and possibly she did it too long. Re.. Anchor Steam I noticed a difference the first time. I only have a few black heads and occasional breakouts I guess it depends on the individual. If you have severe skin issues I'd seek advice. This may not help. Also I note they had issues with breakouts after. Never happened to me. And my skin can be sensitive. Not sure about that lady but I have it done when I'm not going out much. I do not wear make up and I do not moisturise for 24 hrs. I just use a mild toner to cleanse my skin because it does open your pores. . Chucking loads of make up on after will defeat the object.

I noticed a slight result the first time I go once a month now, it's my treat, as I do not smoke or spend money on alcohol very often. It's not cheap tho. £30 at my salon per session. I realise for some this would be a lot and going back a few years I wouldn't have been able to justify it.

I love it but we are all individuals. Just do your research and make sure you beautician knows what they are talking about and that they know what they are doing.

Reviewed on September 6, 2015

By my rough estimation, I've likely had about 6 microdermabrasion treatments over the past two years so this provided me with more than enough time to formulate an accurate opinion.

My skin is fairly clear, but I have gone to eliminate very faint red spots on my upper cheeks. I have seen slight improvements, but it has ultimately caused me to break out more often with zits that now left marks behind. I have found that these treatments are far too evasive and do more harm than good. Let's look at my pros and cons below.


Smooths out your skin and gives you a very temporary glow.

Tackles acne that was inevitably going to surface.

Slight improvements with multiple visits, but they must be at least a month apart.


The downtime can last anywhere from 3-7 days. If they manage to dig out a lot or even attempt to correct scars, it will certainly take a good chunk of time to scab and then fully heel.

Cost is a big factor as these treatments are not inexpensive and you will need at least 3 visits to see any improvements whatsoever.

Your face feels open to dirt and germs that could lead to clogged pores.

Expect further breakouts as they are essentially bringing all of those zits skin deep to the service

I have a high pain tolerance, but many tend to complain about the discomfort they experience with this treatment.

If you are thinking about this treatment to help counteract scars, marks or even active acne, I would highly recommend going with a laser alternative. Less down time and a lot less evasive.

by Trophy Skin on 09/14/2015 14:49
Yes, you are right. Going to the spa to get these treatments can be expensive. If you are interested in a great home use machine at an affordable price, you should check out Trophy Skin microdermabrasion machines. We have clinical studies to back our claims! [link removed] You can also find these units on [link removed] which has many many reviews on each machine.
Do not get- if you have ACNE prone skin and very sensitive.
Reviewed on August 26, 2015

This procedure, is by far the worst for acne prone/sensitive skin. Purely because this procedure is best known by fully qualified professionals, and if you have a fully qualified professional – he/she will tell you that the Microdermabrasion would not be good for your skin type (upon analysing it)

I, unfortunately found this out that hard way- I have sensitive skin with a few break outs (which were under control) – I wanted a facial that would brighten my skin as I felt it was feeling a bit dull. I went to my local beauty salon- and was told to fill out a “Microdermabrasion form” – which basically asks you your skin type and tells you that everyone’s results are different etc etc.

I noted on the form that I had skin redness and was quite sensitive.

The skin therapist (supposedly qualified) – repeated what was on the form and continued with the procedure.

Long story short- my skin felt like sand paper had been rubbed repeatedly – the next 7 days were awful. Time off work had to be taken off – due to the skin reaction and red blotchiness. It was tight, painful and in the end started flaking.

Though most of it cleared up- 3 weeks later I’m battling chin acne! Something that had stopped for over 6 years! And now it’s back after the procedure.

It tries to heal and then comes back with new ones the day after. I’ve tried everything and now have to resort to antibiotics.

So – moral of the story. If a skin therapist continues with this procedure without assessing your skin first or doing a patch test….then take them to court.

Wish I Never Did It
Reviewed on May 28, 2015

I went to go get a microdermabrasion treatment because after years of a perfect complexion and no acne, pimples and blackheads just started re-appearing on my forehead and it was the worst acne I've had in years. I was promised by my mother and by a cosmetologist that microdermabrasion would help clear up my skin, and so I went to get a treatment. Worst decision of the year. This treatment made my acne worse ten times over. Not only did my acne spread from my forehead to my temples and my cheeks within a couple of days/close to a week (where I generally never had acne before anyways), but it made it every single blemish a bright red color; even blemishes that weren't that noticeable before became obvious. Now, months and months later I'm still battling this horrible acne. I wish that I never got those two treatments done. I definitely feel as if my acne would have stayed in one place instead of spreading like a disease. My dermatologist gave me medications and I'm hoping that they will be able to undo the damage that microdermabrasion has done...

by Dianna67 on 07/27/2015 16:11
I am 50 so I know what you are going through, I have my acne under control somewhat now, I use black soap, BHA from Paula's Choice as this is the only place I can find it and I got a prescription from my doctor for Retin A 0.01%, my skin is soft, clear most of the time(odd pimple that time of the month). I now will not do the microdermabrasion, thank you for the information! good luck!
Seriously, guys.
Reviewed on May 15, 2014

This is my first time ever posting online in a forum of any sort, but I felt I had to share my experience. After 3-4 years of light to moderate acne, I saw a dermatologist who recommended Clindoxyl gel and Phisohex facewash, combined with an antibiotic called Doxy-something or other, to treat what I always thought was acne, but was actually 'folliculitis', an inflammation of tiny hair cells on the face and occasionally somewhere on the body. Up until this point, I'd tried everything to get rid of the minor blemishes that drove me so crazy, including treatments like Proactiv (the absolute worst) and many others, and saw no results. After four-five months of the dermatologist-prescribed treatment, my face has never been clearer. I mean, 0 active blemishes. TRY IT. The unfortunate detail to my story is that right before I finally won my battle with acne, I stupidly applied eye drops to a couple of blemishes over night. Dumb idea, and I should've known it would burn/scar my skin. These scars don't even look like acne scars, and aren't a big deal at all, but it was still enough to make me obsess over it. I just felt I was so close to that perfect/semi-perfect complexion I've always wanted (mostly cuz I'm lazy) and the only thing standing between me and that goal were these couple of minor scars, which I feared would take too long to fade naturally. So, I booked an appointment for microdermabrasion. The first two treatments didn't yield any dramatic results, but all the dead skin removed from my face definitely promoted the healing, allowing for the third treatment to be the most effective yet. I really have to say, this does work. No treatment really clears scars 100% completely, only time will do that. For now, I'm more than satisfied with the 90% improvement of both of my dark spots, as I'm sure I'm the only one in the world who'd be able to notice them right now. It's a little pricey, but if you're like me and you value your confidence enough to drop 70-80 bucks per procedure, I highly recommend this. Seriously, guys. At least try it. It really helped me.

by Trophy Skin on 09/14/2015 14:56
So glad you saw great results through Microdermabrasion. Now that you know it works, you can save time and money by purchasing a home use microdermabrasion unit! Trophy Skin offers several models at different price points - and we have clinical study results to back our claims. Our devices are priced from $100 - $400 and are just as effective spa treatments. In fact, the founder of Trophy Skin used to own a medical spa and he was inspired to start an affordable line of personal use microdermabrasion machines. Here is a link to our micrdermabrasion machines if you are interested: [link removed]
Temporary result
Reviewed on May 12, 2014

I was told that 6-8 sessions would reduce my acne scars significantly. I have now taken around 7-8 sessions of Microdermabration, although the skin does feel smooth for 3-4 days after the treatment but the smoothness fades away and there is no long term difference in my skin.

It is nothing more than a facial, I would say. I am giving it one start not because it is a bad treatment but because it is not effective for treating acne scars.

by Bridgetjoneswaahoo on 01/28/2016 18:01
I was told that it can help black heads, acne and fine lines but not scars, unless they are minor. I'm no expert but sounds like you have been misinformed. Maybe another treatment. Dermabrasion, laser treatment maybe but seek expert advice. I've heard dermabrasion is harsh and there is a big difference. Between the two.
Wasn't for me
Reviewed on March 29, 2014

It felt great on the skin especially after finishing the treatment. Skin was smoother and brighter. I started this treatment when I was a teenager (2004/2005) as a first resort to reduce acne scarring.

After 2 months of going for sessions, I noticed no long term difference and it was expensive for me.

But i did love the how my skin felt and looked for awhile after.

Microdermabrasion review 2014
Reviewed on March 17, 2014

I've only had one session so far, but I am planning another session. I have been advised to have microdermabrasion ever 2-3 weeks.

The procedure isn't uncomfortable or painful. I have active acne with a few scars. This treatment hasn't done anything for my scars and I don't expect it to so for my next session I have decided to follow with a glycolic peel 35% this was advised to me to make microsermabrasion more effective.

The reason why I am continuing with microdermabrasion is because I have treatment prescribed by my doctor, it's a topical solution called zineryt lotion and I find that the microdermabrasion makes skin more permeable for this solution to be absorbed into my skin better, this reduces amount if breakouts so avoiding any new scarring. With out medicated treatment such as zineryt lotion or duac I don't know if microdermabrasion alone would benefit me and reduce break outs. But many have said that it prevents breakouts. But regarding fading scars I doubt it will help.

Because microdermabrasion doesn't have amazing results I wouldn't spend a lot if money on it at all, I'd rather use my money on a peel that's going to have noticeable results. I only opted for microdermabrasion because there was a deal on groupon for £14.

The salon I went to offered a deal for £45 for two treatments so I am having microdermabrasion plus the glycolic peel for £45.

Also my immediate results were good, no redness, dryness or itching as a moisturiser was applied straight after by beautician. Days after my skin was glowing but this wasn't a major difference as existing scars were still present.

Worst experience I've ever had
Reviewed on February 19, 2014

I would give anything to go back and not have undergone this procedure. I hope I can advise those of you that are wary of tampering your skin at a young age when it is absolutely unnecessary and also very risky. I am 23 years old and I rarely have any acne issues except for the occasional breakouts. I thought that microdermabrasion would be a nice touch up for my skin and maybe plump up my skin/give me a glow that I needed. The first day or two after my procedure my skin was doing fine. However the worst was yet to come. 5 days later I get the worst acne I've ever had in my entire life. Literally countless zits on my cheeks chin forehead (basically every spot the microdermabrasion has gone over). This procedure has left my face near deformed with all the inflammation and acne. I am currently treating my skin like never before (not even when I hit puberty was it this bad). The result of this treatment has not only made me depressed but appreciate the few breakouts I would get here and there. I can barely leave the house to run any errands and this wretched procedure has seriously disrupted my life. I would give anything to go back to my normal skin and I would never ever recommend microdermabrasion to anyone.

by Bridgetjoneswaahoo on 01/28/2016 18:05
Oh no!!! I've not experienced this at all. Your very young! You don't need such treatment by the sound of it. Take care of your skin and stick to facials. Look for something else if need be when your older. I'm 34 and my skin is well looked after but at 23 I wouldn't have considered it nor could I have afforded it. Good point to getting older, I've got myself a much better paid job 😊.