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AHA stopped working? Help please!

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been using acne.org products for about 5 years now and it has DEFINITELY been the best solution to clearing my acne!

When my acne cleared, I became more relaxed with the regimen and would use the products roughly every other day/night or so (not as strictly as I was using them at first).

When I first started the regimen, the AHA product really helped to clear my dark marks and hyperpigmentation. My skin was about 95% acne and hyperpigmentation free, which I was really happy about!

Over time, I noticed my acne and hyperpigmentation were starting to build up again. So this year, I decided to restart the regimen strictly (which I did in Feb/March time) to get my skin back to the way it was.

The Benzoyl peroxide has continued to keep most of my acne at bay. However, my hyperpigmentation and dark marks do not seem to want to budge this time round. 

Is there anything else I can do please? I’m happy to stick to AHA if there’s still hope for me, but I don’t feel there is.


Please help!


Thank you

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Hi Mimi4330, 

Our best advice is to use The Acne.org Regimen products. They will get you completely clear and will make your skin look nice and even toned and non-inflamed. That’s what’s most important in order to prevent future hyperpigmentation and scarring. Make sure you use them diligently and you will get completely clear.

However, the hyperpigmentation itself can take several months or longer to fade. To speed this process you can add Acne.org AHA+ which will help increase skin cell turnover and allow your acne marks to fade faster. But nothing will help hyperpigmentation fade extremely quickly. It’s only time that can do that. Remember that hyperpigmentation are not scars, however, and will fade with time.

Scarring is another story. Scarring is permanent. Be sure to be free of active acne before learning about or embarking on any scar treatment. You can read more about scar treatments here:


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