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I saw a comment on another thread asking if anyone knew much about Dr Hazany, drcancerkiller on instagram. I’m also curious to hear if any of you have gone to him or had a consultation with him.

His work looks good and it seems like he offers a lot of different treatments. He does Taylor Liberator subcision as well as normal cannula subcisions. On his website it looks like he uses phenol or TCA for CROSS, depending on your needs. He has RF devices (infini but not genius it looks like). He’s also a MOHs surgeon so he can probably do great excisions if needed. They also offer dermabrasion and dermabrasion with peels apparently.

It looks like he doesn’t push for massive package treatments and uses individualized approaches tailored to your scars and encourages spaced out treatments over time.

Obviously this all sounds really great- but I haven’t heard any reviews on him here and he doesn’t have anything on realself either. I’m wondering if any of y’all have experience with him you could share?

I can say his yelp looks good although there isn’t much from his acne scarring patients- and there’s a pretty well documented success story of a patient of his on instagram- @supremepatty if you want to look it up.

If none of you have seen him- I may give his office a call and try to learn a bit more for us. 

He seems like a young doctor who is intent on making a name for himself in this field, who is willing to learn new things and work with his patients. I’m really curious about him

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I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hazany about a week ago.  He doesn't use TCA for the CROSS method anymore because he said that 1 out of every 5 patients would have poor results (scar widening).  He now performs Phenol CROSS instead.  

He is also more cautious (which I like).  He first has you come in for a test patch of Phenol Cross and Subcision to evaluate how you respond so he can determine the plan from there.  They also do a Pumpkin Enzyme Chemical peel during this first session as well.

One thing that was off putting was that he recommends not washing your face at all....ever.  As someone who has acne scars and therefore a fear that any acne will cause more scars, this recommendation made me question his abilities. 

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I’ve been wondering the same thing his work does seem really good but he also seems pretty expensive lol. I wouldn’t care to pay the money if I knew for a fact my scars would improve tremendously but knowing that it’s hard to tell I’m not sure if I’d want to drop 5k and not get results 

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