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Please help me i think accutane ruined my life

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hello everyone..i think accutane just ruined my life 

my history...i took accutane 10mg for 2 months..ie.60 days so nearly 600 mg in total my mild acne didnt cleared up so i stopeed this drug at 2nd month and also i didnt recieved any serious side effect at that time rather than dry lips and skin..i took accutane in may june month of this year only for two months


but now from last 15 days means from november 5 i am getting weaker day by day and also i am thinking i am getting schizopheria(sorry for wrong spelling)i am thinking that accutane has made me mad..my doctor did blood tests and all came fine

is this possible to accutane to cause serious side effects like these on low doses..

please help

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Accutane should be taking only if you have sever acne. What is your wight and height? Low accutane is considered high for some people with weak immune system, shorter, thinner people or combination of all. You need to recover from this medication. You need to reactivate (inactive cells). I THINK You need to drink more water. eat different types of food maybe smelly food to waken some of your brain cells. Exercise daily.  Wear clothes that make you feel happier. Moisturize your skin all the time. Stay away from the sun as it makes your skin weaker. Do fraxel laser to activate your skin cells. Please go see a dermatologist to examine your skin and get a better treatment.


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