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I've been fighting acne for most of my life. I even went on Accutane and and did it for 6 months. I've been off accutane for 2 years now. After accutane my acne came back but currently it's gotten better. I now only have moderate acne, but I have acne scarring that I would like to get rid of. I think the accutane really changed my skin. My skin feels very weak and thin. Especially during the day my skin feels tight by the afternoon even though I apply lotion in the mornings. I also feel that my skin isn't as healthy as before and would like to increase my "skin thickness/ firmness (not sure what it's called but I want to increase my skin layers so it feels healthier). Also I have some texture scars that I received while I was on accutane because when you scratch yourself on accutane, it indents your skin and leaves a scar. I didn't know that the skin was so fragile while on accutane.

Currently I'm trying to get rid of not only some texture scar issues on my face but also mainly the redness left over from my acne. Below are some pics of my face. In certain lighting you can't really see the red scars, but in other lighting it is very prominent. I think the redness might be underneath in the deeper layers of my skin. I've attached pictures showing this. Hopefully my red scars can be fixed/ removed. I've done a lot of research into looking for acne scar doctors, but have never pursued to take action because of all the stories I've read about patients complaining that they came out worse or even more scarred. So that kind of deterred me from getting my skin fixed. Also the fact that I currently have some moderate acne, because I read that a lot of lasers and microneedling should only be done once you don't have any acne left.

I've researched a lot and want to see if Laser Genesis is the right thing to do to help fix my redness in my skin (especially in my forehead and my cheeks) and my texture issues (on my cheeks and the indents above my right eyebrow). I read that Laser Genesis is good for acne, redness, and texture issues. I currently live in the Bay Area and found a place online "Dermaplus Skin + Body" in San Francisco but the website states the laser is done by DP Med-Aesthetic Nurses. Not sure if I should be looking for strictly doctors to perform this treatment or not? This place has good reviews so that's why I am asking if you guys think this is a good spot to go to. Or another treatment I looked into is Spectra Gold Laser. I'm leaning towards Laser Genesis because of the good things I read about it, but I would like insight into the best treatment/ option for me. Sorry for the long essay and all the same pictures. Just wasn't sure which one was the best picture to use and thought the more the better in case different things could be seen. I would really appreciate the right treatment advice/ who to see/ wisdom to help my skin. Thank you. @beautifulambition; @superburrito












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honestly you look great! I would definitely do your research on whatever you get and get the best providers as to not damage your skin further and look worse coming out of it. The FAQ sections in this forum has reccomended providers and I use real self to get the highest rated doctors and go to them.

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@nomo123456789 overall, your physical scarring looking extremely minimal based on the pics you shared–of course, in person in can look different.

Main thing I'm noticing in pigmentation and post-inflammatory erythema. You might consider using Niacinamide from the The Ordinary or Curology to help with the redness. Also, a tinted moisturizer can really help with toning down redness and look natural. I've used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and Fenty Hydrating Longwear foundation. I'm a guy, and it doesn't look like makeup on me. 

I live in San Francisco, and haven't really found any great docs, so I hop down to see Dr Rullan in San Diego every few months. I follow Dr Swenson who is in Los Gatos, and may try him at some point.

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lots of works have to be done. For this kind of procedure, you should do several actions. Laser rays are effective to remove or reduce current acne, acne scar and pigmented skin but it is hard to tolerate. You will feel the excessive heat on your skin while and after the procedure. The results are really good, for those who are suffering from not only skin hyper-pigmentation but skin scars and acne. Other treatment is cheaper, is using salicylic peel. It is affordable for most people slightly different procedures almost same results. After a week or so, you can apply hydroquinone cream to make your skin glowing if needed. The other one is not going out in the sun as uva and uvb rays causing breakdowns your cells and make skin weaker with darker patches. Sun protection reduces that but it does not stop it.

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