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Spironolactone after 3-4 months

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Hi everyone. So prior to spiro, I was getting cystic acne that I controlled with epiduo. That worked beautifully for a few months but I was still getting more shallow hormonal acne. My dermatologist put me on Spiro 25mg twice a day (so 50 mg daily I guess). I was still getting the hormonal acne and some small white heads...no big deal for me. I stopped spiro for a week after the second month (vacation...I forgot) and since then have been really consistent. ANYWAYS I'm about3.5 months in and my skin has EXPLODED. I have a few deep, painful, large cysts on my cheek. Is this a part of the process? I heard it can take a few months for spiro to kick in and most people mention it getting better around month 2/3....but this seems to have come out of no where and I can't tell if it's a sign it'll get better or worse.

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Yes, purging is normal. It probably should have happened sooner, but you skipped a week so who knows if that had something to do with it. Stick with it and it should get better, but for some people it can take much longer (>6 months) to see results. Think about your diet and see if there's anything that might have worsened it. I know for me it's sushi (seaweed is high in iodine), dairy, sugar or anything high glycemic. 

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Thanks for reply angelinna! After the cyst I reverted back to a strict paleo diet. So I just eat meat and veggies and some root vegetables. So boring but that's the only diet my skin can tolerate. The good news is that the diet change is totally working. The bad news is it's so limited and my skin is still super oily and inflammed. But it's tolerable! Gonna try to stick it out another few months to see if it works!

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