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I'm 15 years old and I've always had acne but it started getting worse about a year ago. My mom took me to the doctor a couple months ago and I was prescribed minocycline which helped clear most of my acne. Now, I'm stuck with these dark marks on my cheeks and forehead that are taking FOREVER to go away. When I go to school, I wear makeup but it's not full coverage enough to cover everything. It causes me depression and anxiety almost everyday. Please give me some advice :smileys_n_people_75:
(The two scars under my eye are from chicken pox)^


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I don’t have very bad acne but I have scars too from whiteheads and little bumps under my skin which cause redness.

My guess is that you have dark spots I don’t have that but I’ve heard that this helps:

  1. Apply a vitamin C mixture to the dark spots
  2. Put aspirin on the dark spots
  3. Use a cucumber to lighten the spots
  4. Apply vitamin E to the dark spots.
Just choose one method that works the best don’t do them all in one.

good luck xx
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It's all trial and error, and not everything works for everyone. That's why you should do them one at a time, otherwise you won't know which one is working. Some things do work better together, but you have to set a baseline first with one product, then add others singly and just keep adding and subtracting until you find the right combo. It's like a little science experiment.

Exfoliating also helps, if your skin can take it. They do eventually go away.

Good luck.

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