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Pimple turned dark..!

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...I’m new here and I really need help with this issue...I have a date in two days and a trip coming up this Friday and the worst thing just happened, I woke up this morning and looked into the mirror to see the pimple I have on my cheek had turned dark (image: [Edited link out]) what should I do to bring it down? 

Here’s more details about my situation -
Skin type: oily

Routine: I use a sebamed cleanser, toner and clear gel, as well as a cetaphil moisturizer once a day. I’ve been on this routine (excluding the moisturizer which I’ve only started using after moving here) for a year or so. 

Recent changes: I didn’t have any breakouts until 2 months after I moved to Canada from a humid and warm climate country. Recently it started getting colder too as winter is approaching. I believe it’s also likely because I haven’t been drinking much water and been sleeping lesser due to work.

The breakouts in general weren’t too bad, some small whiteheads here and there but I had one big pimple on my cheek for about a week. I didn’t pop it because I didn’t want to scar it but I did occasionally scratch it (I have real bad skincare habits I’m sorry...). I think the pimple turned bad when I was asleep last night because I slept really late and had a drink or two. In addition, I have a sleeping pillow I always cuddle with and I don’t frequently change its pillow case (I know I should but I’m attached to it...)

What should I do? Are there any home remedies that work or would applying bp be recommended? I’d prefer not to see any dermatologist if possible because I’m new to the place I’m living and I don’t have the money for that...

Thank you very much...

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Don't scratch it. You might aggravate the skin and new pimples can arise from it. Scratching will only lead to further irritation of the acne.
You might be spreading the bacteria from your hand to other parts of the face or any other part of the body and the acne might spread. Yes, you can try bp

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