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Is my acne severe enough to take roaccutane

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I'm 22 and have suffered with acne since I was 18. It suddenly started in November 2013 and has improved and gotten worse again multiple times.

I had no improvement with doxycycline and erythromycin back in 2014. I was offered roaccutane (accutane) in March 2015 but rejected it due to being worried of side effects. I was given epiduo gel instead, which I still use to this day. My acne was quite mild throughout the rest of 2015, getting worse again mid-late 2016. This year, I took lymecycline for 6 months. It did improve my skin whilst I was on it, but it didn't completely prevent breakouts. Since coming off of lymecycline in late August, my skin is breaking out a lot and my acne is getting worse again. 

I went dairy free at the start of 2016 and most of the time I am also caffeine free, only eat wholegrain carbs, have a low sugar diet and generally stay away from nightshade family foods. I'm pretty fed up of limiting my diet and don't want to worry about certain foods breaking me out. 

This week I have broken out quite badly. I have had quite a lot of sweetener this week (in decaf tea). I have also had a few cups of decaf coffee and quite a few tomatoes. So my skin is slightly worse than average in these pics.

I am currently waiting to be referred to a dermatologist once again.

Here are some pics of my skin at the moment. (I have not touched or picked at my acne).


Is my acne severe enough for me to just go ahead and take roaccutane? 

I can post post more pics of my skin at the moment and in the past if needed. 

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Once you explain to the derm that all the antibiotics, topicals and diet changes haven't helped and you have had acne for multiple years and having already offered you accutane I don't see why they wont offer it again.

I started accutane 2 days ago after waiting 9 months to actually get an appointment and prescription and cant wait to see what I will be in like 4-6 months and not have to worry about my skin anymore. I would just say go on accutane so you don't have to worry about your skin anymore.

Not everybody gets these nasty side effects and many hardly get any side effects other than dry lips. People who have amazing experiences rarely come online and post about it because they have forgotten about acne and move on, therefore you tend to find many negative experiences posted on forums.


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