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Fraxel & Subcision with Sculptra

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you the results I've had so far from Fraxel and subcision (with Sculptra injection). 

I've had two sessions of Fraxel (in March and April this year) and have one further session to take. I'll probably use have this final session next year.

I've subsequently had three sessions of subcision, with Sculptra injection performed at the same time, in June, July, and August. The doctor performing this procedure has recommended four sessions in total.

The improvement from the initial two Fraxel sessions was pretty minor and only really noticeable in shallower scars. It had no real lasting effect on the rolling scars.

However, the results from subcision have been more marked and longer lasting. The injection of sculptra should hopefully mean some continued improvement in the coming months. I'd definitely recommend subcision to anyone with rolling/tethered scars. It seems like the only procedure that deals with  the source of the problem. 

I've tried to replicate similar lighting in each picture - this is harder to do than I'd imagined!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 19.06.59.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-04 at 19.08.26.png

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How are you able to differentiate the improvements from the subcision, sculptra and laser; as you had them all around the same time-period, would this not be difficult?

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Thank you all for the feedback.


I'm judging it based on the several months between having the laser and then the subcision.

As a caveat, though, I know that two sessions of Fraxel do not add up to much and that more sessions are generally recommended. I think laser definitely has a place for certain scar types and there's plenty of evidence to support this, but mine were predominately rolling/tethered scars that had been present for many years and needed a different sort of approach. 

I'm still going ahead with the third session of Fraxel because, as mentioned, it certainly gave me some improvement in some of the scars (those that subcision doesn't seem to target quite as well). 


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