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Accutane and Benzoyl Peroxide wash?

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Hey, I'm very confused!
I started using accutane almost 2 weeks ago, but due to some very annoying factors regarding ipledge, my pharmacy, and my insurance company, I only have 5 more pills to last me until August 9th (Yeah I know, shoulda gotten 30 days, blah blah blah).
Now I'm on a new dosage schedule so that it gets into my system at least somewhat consistently until my next appointment. 

However, when my dad called my dermatologist's office earlier today (dunno why), my doctor's assistant told him I should be using Oxy face wash, if I wasn't already. What? 
Has anyone else used stuff like this early into treatment? My lips feel like shit but my face itself feels more or less the same, just a bit flaky and sensitive around my nose. I feel like it's risky, but at the same time I'm going through my IB and all this drama with my meds has me feeling really down and impatient. I'd only use it until the 9th.
My doctor told me not to use other acne medications, but that was before I had this problem. Anyone else have experience with this weirdly specific issue?  

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youre still very early into the treatment so your skin is not that sensitive yet, so it should be fine using a bp wash, it will help with the IB as well,, my derm had prescribed me a facewash with salicylic acid acid and I was fine with it for like 1.5 months but later when my skin started getting more dry I switched to a very mild cleanser.

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