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Worst Breakout Ever

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Hi guys. I'm a 16 years old teenage girl experiencing the worst breakout of my life. I've had acne since 7th grade grade. It's been pretty manageable. Occasionally got one or two cysts before period. This month during my period, entire face brokeout. Got 6 cysts on forehead. Left cheek is a a complete mess. I've been off dairy and sugar for the past two years. Been a vegetarian since I was 4.  I thought it was because of stress. It's been a week and my face was healing. Yesterday I broke out again. Two new cysts on forehead. Left cheek is a mess again! Don't know what it could be. Haven't tried any new products, or eaten anything differnet. Change pillowcase every three days. Yesterday and today I ate some unsweetened chocolate. Wondering if this had caused breakouts for anyone. Another thing that stands out is that I was a little bit bloated yesterday.  a little bit bloated  today also feel very tired, and having some muscle aches. Can't understand why though. I skipped breakfast, ate rice and soup with egg for lunch and dinner yesterday. Today was the same for lunch and for dinner I had whole wheat bread and curry. 6 glasses of water. 8 hrs sleep
PS: has anyone had luck with going gluten free


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you are gluten intolarent, i know cause thats how i feel if i eat bread
stick to whole wheat rice and rye bread if you really crave for wheat
cocoa does cause acne, i experience that a lot!
buy nettle and red raspberry tincture and add to water together
its the best hormonal balancer out there
organic dairy doesnt cause acne, I experience that


stay away from scrubs, it will make your acne worse!
apply vitamin E oil before moisturizer
keep your face products away from restroom, warm temp make it more harsh face product

eggs, eat nuts, fruits for snacks
add cup a day buttermilk or kefir to your diet
it does wonders

switch cleansers one with acids and other gentle
apply acne product every other day
cause our skin gets use to one product and stops working

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You know they sell nettle and red raspberry tea in tea section at the natural store
steep them together and drink
nettle smells bitter but it doesn't taste bitter, it's worth getting use to the taste

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You are welcome!:)
dont overwash your face
its important to use face cleanser at night only
in the morning it's not necessary, your face is clean
if you have oily or dry it will become worse if you use face cleanser in the morning

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