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Will a retinoid help acne that's caused by certain food?

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When I eat certain foods, particularly  sugar and dairy, I breakout, and so when I totally avoid these foods my skin is 90% clear. I've been eating like this for 6 months now but it's really difficult.
So i was wondering if using a retinoid would stop me from breaking out as much even if my acne is caused by food?? Does it work that way or will the only thing that keep me clear just be not eating those foods?
Also, I know that most people experience an initial breakout from retinoids but if I don't currently have any spots, will I get an initial breakout? 

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Maybe you should take a look at my before and after pics and then come back and  tell me if a retinoid still seems worth it when you have such an easy solution right at your fingertips...a solution that will also help with your general health and overall well-being...a solution that most people would kill to have working for them...

And no..if your skin's triggers are dairy and sugar, they will always be your skin's triggers...if a retinoid did help..it would just be masking them...and the risk of what could possibly go wrong isn't worth it imo...

maybe you can try to eat your junk type food with extra water to dilute it or try out low sugar/dairy free alternatives that still satisfy this sweet/milk tooth. Or take in extra fat when you eat sugar to fight the glycemic load.
or just space things out and have a cheat here and there like everyone does..I mean how much sugar and dairy are we talking here??

there are ways around this that don't include retinoids....unless you are a heavy drinker...then I don't know what to tell you 

sorry if any of this sounded rude btw...just concerned you may end up with a disaster If you use retinoids...imo they should be a last resort and even then should not be taken lightly or as a miracle solution 

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