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So I have an enormous thing of acne that popped up on 1 area on my cheek and it will not go away. This thing is literally a few centimeters wide and is extremely red. It WILL not go away. I have something coming up in 5 days and this guy needs to go as he is not paying rent. "Oh put toothpaste on it" "oh just ice it" "use honey" THAT SHIT DOESNT WORK. Please it's 2017 I need a non bs answer which will actually prove to be useful and effective. I'm counting on you guys, thanks.

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Dang! Made me laugh and I totally feel you. It sucks to get a whopper before an event...happens to me a lot actually. I totally relate. The best way(s) I have found to shrink a zit fast (couple-few days) is #1 - Use some of that Mario Badescu Drying lotion at night. Works really fast. Won't leave a hole in your face (if you use it according to directions). #2 - get a blue light therapy device. I think the cheapest out there right now is the Neutrogena mask...at Walgreens and such. The light therapy really does work quickly and when I have needed to shrink one quickly, I've used it like 3x a day with great success--2 days later they are all but gone. (Do not use at the same time you have topicals like BP or the drying lotion applied. It will BURN your skin off--learned this one from experience!)
That's the best I can do for ya...good luck! 

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