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Accutane and being in the sun

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I'm currently on 40mg a day and this is my 4th month, i haven't had any side effects just that my skin is now dry/normal than being really oily!

I'm going to a hot country for 2 weeks and i will be wearing spf but wanted to know if you can still tan on accutane or if your skin is too sensitive and won't be able to hold a colour? 

My dosage for the month has been reduced to 20mg as my dermatologist told me to be on a lower dose while on holiday so my skin will be a lot calmer.

Has anyone had any issues whilst being in the sun and with tanning/burning?

i was going to have a few sunbeds before i go (only a low amount of minutes) just to get a base tan so my skin doesn't burn straight away. 

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Hey - I shouldn't say this, because it's really bad advice health-wise, but I tanned very well on accutane (naturally, though, I wouldn't have done sunbeds!!). I wore SPF 50 constantly, which you have to do if you're out in any sun on accutane. You have to constantly be applying it. But I was able to sit out in the sun in Spain/Greece, properly tanning a few hours at a time, and had a great colour all summer. I tan really easily and because my skin was so, so flawless (end of accutane, aah I miss that level of beautiful skin lol) I felt more confident than I have ever done in my life. This was before my hair statted properly thinning from the accutane as well, so I had all my hair, and tanned/flawless skin. However, I wouldn't recommend sunbeds. 

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From personal experience it's a bad idea trying to tan while on roaccutane. I just burned and I usually tan well, everyone's diffrent I guess

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