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I feel like I'm sabotaging my own skin and am considering quitting all my acne products. I get some hormonal acne but I feel like what I dislike about my skin more is that it seems to be irritated all the time with constant fresh zits. I'm afraid my skin will react badly if I quit using all my products: 
Proactive Step 1
Proactive Step 2
Moisturelle Moisturizer
Bareminerals makeup primer
bare minerals foundation-beamish remedy 
proactive steps 1 and 2
epiduo forte
usually proactive refining mask on zits.

Would it be bad to quit using all of these. I don't think they are helping me except for maybe the epiduo? How should I get my makeup off at night? With a simple cleanser?
in desperate need of help or suggestions!!!

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That is a lot of products!! I would recommend stopping all of them save for one or 2. They seem to be doing you more harm than good. Get your makeup off with a mild and simple cleanser.

I used to use a lot of products. Toner, cream for acne, moisturiser etc. But all the time I was using I had severe to moderate acne and my face looked awful. The day I stopped using anything my acne started to heal. If you are really scared that your skin will react badly if you stop using these products, try removing one product at a time and give your face 4-5 days or even a week till you then remove the next. So on till you are using the bare minimum. 

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I hear you...My regimen keeps growing until I'm putting so much crap on my face and then the acne starts getting worse and the cycle starts spiraling out of control! I keep having to eliminate steps, or just stop and go back to basics. I've done this repeatedly now...
As far as your products go...I've NEVER been able to use Proactive. Even back when I had the one or two zits (tiny zits) a month, that stuff dried me out and then broke me out within days of use. I think that stuff just destroys your skins natural barrier.
I've heard the "blemish ready" foundation (BareMinerals) is actually worse to use for blemish-prone skin than the original formula (unless you are sensitive to bismuth oxychloride, etc.).
I have found that just "stopping" a harsh regimen also results in a lot of acne...going cold turkey has resulted in a couple of frightening breakouts for me! 
Just two weeks ago, I cut way back on products and went back to my basics (soap , toner, spot treatment) which are still a little drying/harsh. So after a week of that, I traded in my morning wash routine for a much gentler cleanser. I'm still doing the standard at night to remove makeup. I'm trying to let my skin heal and adjust and hopefully not "shock" it.

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