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Need help with skincare routine (BP, Azelaic acid, Retinol, BHA)

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My current routine is pretty simple.



Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

Paulas choice toner ((link removed--name of product is Calm Toner-Normal to Dry Skin))

5% benzoyl peroxide (label: basiron)

Sébium Hydra by Bioderma (A moisturising and soothing compensating treatment for skin that has been weakened, dried and/or irritated by dermatological treatments)

I try to wait as long as possible in between steps, but i dont have much time in the morning. But every product is completely dry before i put the next on top.


Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

Paulas choice toner ((link removed--name of product is Calm Toner-Normal to Dry Skin))

wait 30 minutes

azelaic acid (skinoren 20%)

waits at least 30 minutes, sometimes much more.

Sébium Hydra by Bioderma


I just bought the trial size of paulas choice 1% retinol treatment

((link removed--name of product is Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment)), but i don't know how it will react to the azelaic acid at night.

How can i implement it?


Furthermore i will start using paulas choice 1% BHA lotion every other night, i've done it in the past and it worked fine for my skin. But should it be on top of the azelaic acid or underneath?

My acne is mainly cystic. 

I hope someone can help me.

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no reason to link out to products in this situation

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Well, I'm not a doctor but here's my 2 cents. Just from a quick look your routine looks very good. The cleanser, toner and moisturizer mentioned all seem to be effective, gentle products. How long have you been using those treatments (The Benzoyl Peroxide & Azelaic Acid)? Do they seem to be working? Do they cause any skin irritation for you? The reason I ask is because if you haven't been using them long enough to know for sure whether they are working or not, adding in even more products/treatments could become problematic. Essentially you won't know what is doing what for your skin.

The 1% Retinol & BHA treatments you've listed both seem great, but again, there is a such thing as "too much of a good thing". Using too many treatments at once can ultimately cause more harm than good, especially since you are already using different acne treatments in the morning and night. 

Personally, I think you should hold of on the retinol treatment until after you've tackled the acne issue. Once that's out of the way you can focus on any scars, discoloration or texture issues left behind.

As for the BHA,  if you weren't using the BP/Azelaic when you used it in the past, keep in mind that your skin could react very differently to it now. If you are going to use it, it should be applied BEFORE the azelaic. Personally, I would recommend moisturizing in between the two to reduce irritation rather than waiting until the end to moisturize.  

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Since I posted this, I did incorporate the 1% BHA lotion every other day, before my azelaic acid. The first day my skin got very dry and flaky, but I continued and I really think it's making a difference in the texture and discoloration of my skin.

I have used benzoyl peroxide since august, so for about three months now. My skin was a mess in the beginning, but I stuck with it and it no longer dries me out.
I've used the azelaic acid for four weeks today, and it no longer stings my skin. 
As far as results, I am seeing some. No miracles, but I am slowly clearing up.

And you are probably right, it might be too much. And I don't want to stress my skin too much.
I am just very impatient. 

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