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I've given up with everything.
What does it want from me? My acne has now taken control of my mental health. And this summer I have stayed in mostly everyday, and slept. I feel ugly . So ugly. I feel as if no one is ever going to love me, I feel disgusting. I've tried spot treatments, prescribed creams everything. I've tried to be healthy, drink aloe Vera juice, worn no makeup, drunk more. But it doesn't leave me alone. I've given up and now my summer is almost over, and it
has been hell. I feel so alone aswell like I'm the only one with this. Why can't I be like everyone else?

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Hi! don't give up! Everything will be ok!) I have had skin problems too but I have used an apple cider vinegar for acne and it really helped me. My friend has tried the mix of honey and lemon juice. You haven't tried all possible variants as there are a lot of! You can go to the kitchen and look which products you have at home now. The baking soda is also a great remedy! Yes! It is! Many people can't believe that they have spent so much money for creams when they had so many natural remedies at home. Just choose the one which will work for you!) Good luck!

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