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Bump between eyebrows but not pimple?

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Hey there.

At the beginning of the year I got a red bump inbetween my eyebrows and thought it would just be a spot and go away. It's been 5+ months and it's still there, and feels hard under skin when pressed with my finger. I've had a couple of spots RIGHT beside this bump over the course of these months and they've went away absolutely fine. There is no pain when I press it, just the feeling of something there. Some days it's less visible and some days it's red and obviously affects how I look considering it's right between my eyebrows. I've done some research on this and I can't find any answer, I've read it might be a hair under the skin (I sometimes shave between there with my razor but never had it happen before) and there's no hair sticking out of the bump. It's miniscule but seems to stay same or worse over time, and sin'ce It's been so long I need to know what I could do about it. I am very clean, use face scrub (natural wash) that keeps my face spotless apart from the bump. Has anyone got any idea how I can treat this?

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It could very well be a cyst, id get it checked my the doctor. May just need to have it drained or frozen off. Hard to determine without photos

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I agree with Exning. Sounds like a cyst. I've had a couple removed myself, lilpurrp. It's nothing to get seriously worried about, they're just clogged pores that have sealed over with skin. Best bet is to see your doctor to see whether it's worth removing.

Just don't try to pop it yourself! If it gets infected, they can become very uncomfortable.

Hope this helps. Have a great day! :)

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