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Advice on skin please :( very depressed

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new to the site and just hoping to get some feedback on the type/severity/treatment options for my skin.

I've always had little breakouts, but the past three months I have been depressed and stressed and completely broke out. My skin made me feel worse and I kept picking at it. It is a source of great anxiety for me now, especially since I feel I have caused the severity over not taking care of my skin the last few months.

i guess I am wondering at the severity of my skin, scarring etc and the potential for it healing up. In the past, my skin pretty much healed up after bigger breakouts, but now it looks like I have caused permanent damage. 

I have only ever used over the counter washes and benzac gel.

i finally visited a gp who has put me on Doxy 50mg once a day for three months. I am using phisohex wash twice a day and benzac 10% gel when my face isn't peeling as much.

the redness is really bad at the moment, I guess I am looking for some reassurance that I can get back to better skin. 


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Hi babe, let me just start with you're really beautiful! From the photos, it looks like you're having pigmentation after the acne is gone and not much of active breakouts. The pigmentation will fade with the right products. Many people's skin have recovered from much worse acne. Have faith and you will heal! 

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Have you heard of low dose isotretinoin for Acne? Your acne seems to be caused by large pores and sebum from the pictures, your pores are pretty big so I would recommend low dose isotretinoin 20-30mg a day for 4 months would be enough for you I think but im no doctor. 

Your Acne seems pretty moderate, but it seems like Isotretinoin would cure it completely perhaps for the rest of your life. If I was you I would take Isotretinoin and a D3 5000 iu supplement daily with a fatty meal.... trust me it will work you will be 100% clear and happy by like the third month. 

Those who prescribe antibiotics for Acne have no competence in my opinion, Antibiotics do not target the root causes of this disease, nor do they actually improve Acne long-term because the Acne always comes back if the root cause is not adressed and antibiotics cause stronger antibiotic resistant bacteria and increases your immune response to the bacteria instead of letting your immune system adapt to them. 

Read this thread  to know the actual true root cause of Acne. But honestly, why be depressed when you can have 100% clear skin... yes there is effective medications and InshAllah you will continue your life forgetting about Acne. But yes Isotretinoin is a trade off, you will experience side effects and perhaps if you really are unlucky some permanent ones, everything is in the hands of God. 

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srry i dont have answer to this question but...
i just wanted to say dat uh have really pretty eyes <3

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