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hair lose on Accutane

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Im in month 3 of my accutane journey and I have just recently noticed some severe thinning of my hair. The top of my head is much thinner than it used to be and my hair like is starting to thin out. My derm said it is one of the more known side effects and it should resolve when the treatment is over. I just wanted to get others experience with hair thinning while on Accutane. What did you do to stop or slow it down. Im low key freaking out even tho she said it was going to resolve itself.


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I am not sure if your male or female, but if male and a history of MBP in the family well then it can speed up the process. Sometimes Accutane can just thin hair, some recover and some do not. It can also cause T.E. which should in most cases resolve in 6 months to 12 months after your course. take a look on the board at what some have done to help their hair thinning or dryness. hopefully it will help. just do a search.

In the end it depends how bad your acne is, age and is it hormonal....What's more important your hair or possibly temporary acne.  You must also note that many have had their acne come back after Accutane and it continues to work up to at least 2-3 months after stopping. This is coming from Roche themselves.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your response, hair loss does run in my family, but its very minimal, my dad is 55 and still has hair, its very thin, but its there. So premature balding is not in my family. I know almost everyones hair thins as they get older, Im a male and 29 years old. My acne is very minimal. I dont know what TE so I cant comment on that. I have also done a full course of Accutane before. I have completed 2 full months and will roughly have 2,400 mg in my system, I have not determined if I want to stop completely or do what my doctor recommended and just lower my dose down to 20mg a day.  

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