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Just starting to develop acne, treatment advice?

Hi, I'm a 15 yr old girl and have recently begun to develop papule-type acne on my forehead. It started out along my hairline, sort of hidden in the hair so I didn't care much about it until it began spreading to between and around my eyebrows and basically just all over my forehead. It's literally just begun to develop and I'm really new to this, so I'm not sure how to treat it. My skin type is on the dry side, it dries out easily and I've never had oily skin. Before this I've always had clear skin and sort of just used soap on my face in the shower and didn't have any skin related products. What should I buy? Are there at home treatments I can use? And what's most effective for you personally? My mom recommended a Noxzema cleanser she uses when she breaks out, but I'm reluctant to use it because it's so strong. Would it work for me?

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17 hours ago, latinarose said:

 It started out along my hairline

Watch when your washing your hair so the shampoo doesn't get too close to your face.  Shampoos and hair products can cause breakouts if they come in contact with the face.

17 hours ago, latinarose said:

My skin type is on the dry side

Make sure to drink plenty of water.  Dry skin can be related to dehydration.

17 hours ago, latinarose said:

 My mom recommended a Noxzema cleanser 

If cleanser contains salicylic acid, I would try the cleanser.  Salicylic acid based products seem like a good choice for your clogged pores on your forehead.

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Most brands that can be found in a drugstore are reliable and as said above salicyl acid is something to look for when buying a product. 

I can personally recommend you to check out the la Roche posay Effaclar series. 

And also worth adding: dont be desperate and use all kind of different products and remember to dont give up to fast on a product. Usually takes a few weeks before you can decide whether its food or not. 

Feel free to post here what products you will be using

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