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Hey guys
I've had acnes for 6 years and it doesn't go away 
I've tried lots of things but nothing helped 
I'm so depressed because of my acnes. Whenever I talk to people I feel so uncomfortable because whenever they talk to me they look at my acnes not at my eyes. Because of acnes I've lost my confidence and lowered my self esteem. I feel so embarrassed because my face is almost always red and I think people feel disgusted by my face. 

I wanna use accurate but my mom tells that it's a dangerous medicine and she didn't allow me to buy one. What should I do? 

I really wanna have clear skin and look at the world like others do. Because I've these horrible disgusting acnes on my face I can't even concentrate myself on my upcoming exams. Acne ruined my life and I've always felt depressed because of it

my face is ugly and I feel like I'm the last gross in this world
thanks for reading 



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First of all you're not disgusting. Your skin doesnt change the person that you are, never forget that :angel: But I know how hard it is to have bumps on your face. I suffer from severe depression bcs of my skin. 

6 years its a long time. Have tried to change your diet? Like avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar...? It can help alot. 
Does your acne gets worse during/before period? If yes an hormonal treatment can help but it doesnt cure it. 

It seems from the photos that you have more acne marks than pimples. You can use glycolic acid to help it! 
Dont worry your case is not bad, with time it can totally heal. 

Wish you good luck!

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I'm sorry to hear this. From the looks of it, as the post above said, they definately look like more marks than physical acne - but even if it was acne, I don't think that's 'severe'.

what treatments have you tried and/or are currently on right now? Personally accutane did wonders for me, but I can understad the fear. I suffered no side effects whatsoever 

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I've been dealing with acne for 6 years as well and I understand how tough it gets, I try to remind myself everyday that I am not my acne, that my body is just a container in which my life resides in and it shouldn't stop me from doing what I want to do (easier some days haha). How I cope with my acne is by trying to remain positive and by focusing on the characterisitics that I like about myself. Sometimes it's difficult to jump out of the negative whirlwind, I get those those days sometimes, but we need to focus on the good in life!! 

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I had a similar experience. My parents wouldn't let me wear make up for a really long time even though I had bad acne, and I hated it. I tried all types of medications and washes-nothing worked, until I tried desitin. This is a baby rash cream and so very cheap. Give it at least one week. Whatever you do-do NOT use toothpaste, some people advise that, but it makes it so much worse. Good luck!

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My acne used to look like this except more pustuls, and on my cheeks not jawline. I remember when I was at that stage my acne was sorta going away but the previous pimples we're red like yours. Its terrible I would avoid mirrors, I rember genuinly getting mad when I saw how bad my face looked and I would hate hanging out with friends cause I knew I couldn't talk without them turning there attention to me which I was trying to avoid. That was a year ago and my face cleared up but I have a lot less acne but I still get as pissed as I used to. My acne was worse though now looking at your picture, you actually have nothing to worry about in 5-6 months youll  look fine. Benzoyl peroxide and water. I drink water like a pregnant women it honestly helps I refill my bottle of water every class hour in my school I have 7 hrs.

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