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Subcision With Fillers

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Hey guys,

so I had my first acne scars treatment today of subcision and fillers. I am pretty swollen right now and will keep you guys updated on my progress and how much improvement I see over the next couple months. I have my next subcision treatment next month without the fillers. The Doctor said that the filler will last around 1.5 - 2 years which I think is a huge exaggeration but lets see. Also, my Doctor chose to do the fillers first and then did the subcision right after. I have seen that usually subcision is done before the fillers to create the space for fillers. Did my Doctor do the procedure incorrectly and is there anything to worry about ?

Also, the subcision did not leave any marks, but I heard a lot of popping as there was a blade or something in the needle. I will keep you guys updated on the progress. Please let me know what you think about the filler being done before subcision part.


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Well first good luck on your healing. As for the subcision, yeah that does sound a little backwards. Usually the subcision is done first to create a space for the filler, then the filler is injected. I would think that injecting first then doing the subcision would displace the filler into the wrong spots.

If you are planning to have subcision again in one month, the fillers will definitely still be there. I would think the subcision would displace the filler further. Maybe get some clarification from your doctor about why he's doing it this way.

As for filler longevity, it may be a slight exaggeration, but Juvederm Voluma does have a stated duration of up to 18 months. But when the manufacturer states that timeframe they really mean that there was some residual amount left in the skin. The problem is, it might be so insignificant that visually it makes no difference. I think the actual duration might be closer to 1 year where you can actually see the effect of the filler, which is still pretty decent. If it was Restylane or regular Juvederm, then yeah 1.5 to 2 years is a total exaggeration.

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i had subcision + filler. regret it as i had it done on a scar above my lip so my lip was lob sided for 2years. scar is still there. and im still extremely self concious. hope u turn out better than me

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My doctor clarified that some of my scars were so superficial that he used fillers only on the superficial layers of the skin, and then he did subcision on the inner deeper layers. Right now, I still have some swelling and bumpy areas in most places (only been 2-3 days) but I'll keep you guys updated on the improvements as the swelling goes down. And I do have another subcision + derma roller treatment in a month, but its with the same Doctor so i'm hoping theres no complications with fillers.

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