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Pink Hard Flat Spots After Pimples (Pastules)

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Hi i recently i ´have got some issues with my skin and have got some breakouts because of my cleanser that i used. I have never had this much inflammed pimples (pastules) before and now just like that it broke out on my cheeks, nose and a little on my chin. It has been 2-3 weeks now and some of the pimples are gone now, but they have left som anoying pinkish hard flat spots. Im wondering what it could be, i guees it might be hyperthrophic scars. incase it is do they fade away or do i need to treathem. they are preety mild compared to what i have seen on the internet. but ive got a few and i dont wanna walk around looking like a mushroom with red spots on my face. They have not grown bigger since i saw them so its not keloids. Does anybody know what i can do?

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They're pink? I have a few hypertrophic scars on my back from acne, but not on my face. However, they're all white. It might be hyper pigmentation that you're looking at, but to be on the safe side I would not use that cleanser anymore as hypertrophic scars can only be treated (flatened) by a dermatologist, and it's typically very expensive. You should see a dermatologist, and have them give you your options in terms of treating your acne.

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