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hello guyz!!;)

i sufferred from acne last 2months, and its not really good. everyday is a depressed day for me. but now, im on a pill the diane 35, i already had my first cycle and it really really helps me alot.

yes, i still have pimples coming out but its only red no more bumps and yellowish things inside and after three days it will disappear. now i can feel half of my face while washing our all clear skin unlike before so rough.

sharing my experience to all of you.

thank you;)

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I was diagnosed with adult acne and given all sorts of rx creams lotions antibacterial pills. Ketaconazole Rx cream or Rx shampoo was given to me also. After trying so many things I discovered all I really needed was just OTC Nizoral Shampoo which has Ketaconazole in it. I use it on areas which have the bumps . For me the bumps were on my cheeks , forehead , sometimes the nose or eyebrows. I apply a tiny bit and rub the areas gently for 1 minute while i shower and then I rinse it off. So easy and it worked for me. I don't use anything else and if i do feel a touch dry i will use a bit of cetaphil lotion as needed. I am so happy this worked for me without changing anything else in my life. good luck ! I only use it 3 times a week and if my head feels itchy i use it as a hair shampoo too. I don't use conditioner and if i do need conditioner i only use it on the ends of my long past the shoulders hair. No special brand of conditioner. I like tea tree shampoo and any pantene or LOreal shampoo a few times a week.

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I had to look what it was up, sounds like you're on the right track to getting it cleared up! I wished it was an option for men, I ended up taking accutane.

Best of luck to you!

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