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Dry/oily/ Raw Skin Caused From Excessive Burns Please Read/help

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ok I am 21 years old and have had acne since around 16 yrs old. I tried everything from proactive to peels and lasers and even dermatologist recommended products and nothing really worked. right now im using epiduo on behalf of my dermatologist for about 4 months now and its ok I guess. my problem isn't really acne anymore ( I get a few breakouts on my cheeks and forehead every now and then but its the skin itself and my chin. a while back (about 1 year ago I was fed up with my acne) after trying so many different things that didn't work I went and did something I regret. (don't judge me please I was hopelss and dumb) I would fill up the sink with hot water like really hot and stick my face in it for a couple minutes a day and this went on for about a month. while doing this I also would use ice cubes after on my chin because that was my most problem area. now after about a month of doing this I started to notice my skin became raw and dead. as a result a year later my skin has this orange peel texture to it from the forehead down and where I used the ice on my chin it is even worse. I get these cystic pimples on there and the skin looks tight. also if I don't use any products like face wash for a day or two I get these white little hairs (I think its dead skin) coming out of my pores on my chin, nose forehead. the skin is really dry that after a shower or the pool the white stuff appears and my face gets tight and dry. also I cant go 20 minutes without my skin becoming really oily. I think I burnt my skin so bad that I don't know what to do anymore. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen something like this as I am out of options. going to go back to dermatoligists soon to see what else can be done. please any comments or suggestions is helpful.

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When the skin is like leathery and starts to look like burnt skin , like it shrinks after you wash it , maybe there was a change in the skin collagen.

When there is damage to the skin , it's very hard for the treatments to penetrate anymore.

I have always had acne, but my problematic skin started after I used retin a , retin a gave me the worst cystic acne.

After 7 or 8 months of using it,I thought that my skin was purging, but it wasn't, it was forming collagen, but the collagen didn't know where to go , because I already had scars from past acne .

What I think it happened, it was that the collagen got trapped inside and clogged my pores forever.

I think that is what happens when we try to regenerate a skin that has been damaged then the skin backfires and behaves in a way that we can't understand, my face now turns red ,flaky ,formed black lines and big painful pimples that sometimes don't have a head and if they do , they can't be squeezed ,because they don't heal or take too long to heal .

Maybe ,you are becoming allergic to what you are using ,like a contact dermatitis,on my case ,dermatologist can't find why my skin is acting this way , they want me to go to the pros .

I know it's frustrating.

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