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Accutane And Hair Removal/waxing Warning!

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Hey everyone- I literally just signed up to write a quick explanation about my experience on accutane for any men/women out there who may not know all of the aide affects.

I am 50kg, 170 cm tall, female and still in my teens. I have a clear face but have had back acne since I was young, it isn't all that bad. Not cystic or anything. Any who so I am taking 20mg of accutane for 10 months and I have currently been on it for about 16 days.

I never received a brochure from my dermatologist but he did warn me about dry lips, dry skin, sensitive to the sun and warned me many times to not get pregnant. However, he never warned me about waxing.

Today I waxed my eyebrows and I recovers some pretty horrific burns, photos attached. I cried a lot which probably made it worse but I found that liberally applying solosite burn cream helped immensely. It's only been about 8.5 hours since the burns, but I figured it was worth mentioning to NOTTTTTTT get waxed while on roaccutane even if it's been a few days and a low dosage. I've never had such an issue- my skin has always been tough as nails and oily and not sensitive at all. Any updates and I will let you all know. I just decided to post this as I have a guilt conscience for not ringing my dermatologist and yellig at him for not warning me or other people properly.



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Thanks for sharing the warning! Someone else on the forum who was taking Accutane asked if it was really that important not to wax if you weren't having bad side effects. Maybe she'll see this.

lovely eyelashes by the way :)

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