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ive got off of a 4 months 40mg accutane about 3-4 months ago.

my skin is pretty clear, i still get some little whiteheads some time tho, but they usually go away fast.

i started used witch hazel recently on my forehead, i had a couple of little pimples there and on my nose, the 2 oily part of my face, t-zone classic problem.

i also switched from neutrogena 15 FPS oil free moisturizer to the combination skin one. the fps made my skin greasy.

i noticed my forehead has quite gone more bad then before after a week of use of witch hazel and that new moisturizer. new little pimples red more like reaction the acne it seem.

i was wondering if i could use the witch hazel only without moisturizer ? it make my skin way less shiny and good like but im wondering if is that product that broke me out or the moisturizer,

i remember ditched that moisturizer long ago when i was on my accutane course for the FPS one, i dont remember why tho. maybe cause i noticed it broked me out.

any opinion ? is witch hazel only without moisturizer too drying ?

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In the past I've tried using witch hazel as a toner but it wound up causing me to have irritation, redness, breakouts, etc. It seemed to have a high alcohol content and my skin was too sensitive to handle it.

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yes it have the 14 % alcohol, but its the dickinson witch hazel and its natural alcohol necessary for the distillation , ive heard more good from that one then the
0 % thayers !

im gonna continue using it for this week and see hows its going, my skin look fine after applying, its mostly after a shower, look like i have way more pimples then before, an hour after it calm down and look good,

ive stopped that new moisturizer to see if this was the cause, since i applied only on certain parts on face, and this is where i broke out a bit. ( but it was also same part where i applied witch hazel)

if after this week it havent calmed down, im gonna stop the witch hazel and just cleanse etc like i did before and had no breakouts.

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its closed comedones that i got on my forehead, does witch hazel supposed to help with that or worse ?

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You just can't use alcohol on your face. It causes irritation free redical damage which cause premature aging of the skin. I am sure that if you stopped using it your break out wilk be reduced.

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