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Acne And Smoking

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Hello there! About ~8 months ago I started smoking a few times every couple days, picking up to an average of around a pack a week. About a month ago, I quit (initially for a week, then another ~2.5 weeks after buying more while inebriated...). Suddenly (during the 2.5 weeks, I didn't notice much during the first week), I had a vindictive mountain of an under-the-skin pimple along with numerous red dots and such all over my forehead. When the big guy finally went away, I had a couple recurring nasty pimples right around the same spot, plus others here and there.

I googled tons, as I had no idea "quit-zits" was an effect of quitting, and everything seemed to suggest this would last for several months straight. During the 2.5 weeks, I washed my face more often than usual, used a toner/astringent, and oil-free moisturizer, but the acne hadn't even begun to subside. Thus, I have temporarily taken it back up again due to an engagement next week I have no interest in attending with a face full of acne. Obviously, this is not a long-term solution.

Is that length of time what I should expect to deal with after quitting again giving my limited use (compared to my google results, where nearly all that posted with the issue had been smoking for many years, at a pack a day)? Are there any products in particular that specifically help with these quit-zits?

I'm going to be 25 next month, male, and aside from the occasional flare-up, would say I had below average acne when I was younger.

Thanks for any help!!!

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wash your face only twice a day morning and night

if you gonna quit smoking , dont start again

cigarettes have alot of bad chemical which can lead to acne

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Yep, I understand that (though just a note, I've only ever smoked organic American Spirits), which is part of why I'm quitting after next week. I'm just hoping there's a certain product or routine that specifically helps with this.

Going to try cleaning up my diet a little and minimizing alcohol intake as well, and I picked up some tips from here, but I'm still not looking forward to three months of terrible acne on my forehead.

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Cigarettes send very bad toxins into your body. Your body has to expel those toxins somehow. And one of the ways it does so, is through your skin.

So yes, it's very possible that smoking is playing a strong roll in your acne.

Please put good things in your body.

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I know that if you will be looking into scar treatments in the future you will have to stop smoking anyway, so it would be a good time to go ahead and get it out of the way. Don't know if you have any scarring though, just a thought.

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No scarring, but good to know.

And folks, I didn't mean for this to be an 'is smoking causing my acne' post, I know now that it is. I'm just looking for anyone that's had a similar experience and how long there's lasted, and if there were any products or routines in particular that helped them.


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personally I break out every time I have a smoke, the next day I always see a deterioration in my skin =( So best to stay away!

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I smoke and have quit a few times, both leading in breakouts.

But I couldnt tell you how long it lasted because I have started smoking again haha.

Proabably best to start a good cleansing routine if you want them gone fast.

Best products I have used:

- QV wash (pH balanced)

- Proactive

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i dont think so smoking has great effect on face or it has any connection with your pimples..just drink more water then you used to.. it will help you.

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