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Should I Try Accutane After Retin A?

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I've been on retin a for 12 weeks and even though I do see an improvement in my skin, I'm still breaking out (especially in places where I don't normally break out). Should I 1) try accutane or 2) wait a little more for retin a to work? Retin a already broke me out like hell, pushing all the pimples out of the surface, so will accutane give me another initial breakout?

It's just been frustrating like hell for me, and I just want to ****** end this by taking accutane.

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You've gone 12 weeks so what is another 4. If by the fourth month you are not seeing consistent clearing, it may be best to look at other options. Before taking accutane, it is always good to try lifestyle changes such as diet (paleo perhaps?) No one can predict how your skin or body will react to accutane so its just a matter of wait and see.

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Thanks for the reply, Sasch83. Well, I'm expecting about a 60-70% improvement by week 12, but it's like 30% improvement and I'm still breaking out. I'm just so fed up with this and would rather go on accutane to just end all this nonsense bulls*** that has to happen to me after 3 months. I was expecting an effective acne medication and not something that I had to pray for it to work. I don't think I can take it that much longer as I'll be graduating in June, so I'll talk to my derm about accutane idk it's just so frustrating.

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