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{Pictures Included} About To Go On Roaccutane

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Hi. I visited a dermatologist today who took one look at my face and recommended Roaccutane. I've been wanting to go on it for the longest time now, but my mother was very reluctant since she knew of the side affects it could cause.

Basically, my skin is incredibly oily all over. 2 hours after washing is usually all it takes before I begin to feel like an oil painting. T-zone, forehead, cheeks, even my damn jaw is oily. I've actually given up blotting since a) my blotting sheets break me out and b) there's just too much oil. I usually just wash my face with water when I feel the grease coming through.

The pores on my cheeks and next to my nose are enormous. I have acne on my cheeks and chin: a few small red bumps on my lower right cheek, a fresh breakout on my left cheek (near my mouth and jaw), and lots of dark marks on my chin. A few of the cheek breakouts were whiteheads, but most of them are just red angry bumps. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and scarring (nothing 3D though) from my previous acne, which is probably what bothers me most.

Right now I can't wait to start Roaccutane since my face is so ridiculously oily and my breakout is getting worse. I weigh around 50kg and am about 5'5. I'm 15.

I was thinking of starting on 10mg or 20mg. I am sexually active although I'm waiting until I'm 16 until I hand over my V-card, so I was wondering if I would also need to go on birth control?

Anyways, yeah. I just wanted to get this out there and get a few opinions back before I go ahead with this. I'll only be able to get Roaccutane on the 21st of July at the earliest, since my GP needs to prescribe it and I'm not in my home country right now.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks smile.png

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Bump smile.png

For your viewing pleasure, I've decided to attach a few unflattering pictures of the current state of my skin:

(the first two are the in front of my bathroom light, the last is natural lighting)




huge pores galore. i never let anyone get this close to my face. I think my iPhone camera makes my skin look better to be quiet honest.

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Hi there! I'm also 15 and have bee on Roaccutane for 2 months now.

You will definitely need to go on birth control if you're fully sexually active and you'll have to sign a thing promising that you'll use two forms of contraception. You also have to be on birth control for a month before ad a month after your course of treatment. I'm not sure what they'll say if you're only kinda sexually active though. The only thing I would say is to be completely honest when you tell them your situation.

I'm presuming that your in the UK? I am, if you're not then I different laws may apply. Hope this helps :)

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To be honest, you don't have next to nothing in terms of breakouts, and your acne appears very mild, or maybe it's just the picture. Have you tried modifying your diet at all? Accutane is pretty serious...I've debated for years whether to go on it, trying everything I can before making it my last resort. The side effects are very real and hairloss appears very common from my research. Dairy is usually a culprit in acne. We all usually think our skin is worse than it is. I don't want to have to go on Accutane. If I had skin like yours, I wouldn't be doing so.

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Aaah sorry for the late reply. EatsRainbows, I'm not in the UK although I'm pretty much definitely not going to get pregnant any time soon. Mahweeoh, I've already started on 20mg daily. Today is my 3rd day, and I haven't felt anything yet. I've got to say that the iPhone camera can be very forgiving indeed. I've also got a considerable amount of acne on my shoulders and back, enough for my dermo to recommend I go on 40mg instead of 20.

I had a total diet overhaul which included eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and cutting out a large majority of my sugar and dairy. Apart from making my skin glow a little bit, it did nothing to help the scarring/acne and it only got worse from there. I also went on antibiotics a while ago and that did absolutely nothing.

I mean, I can deal with the acne and hyperpigmentation, but it's just how oily I get. It makes me feel hideous beyond words, and isotretinoins are the only things that would cut down on sebum production. Anyway, my GP and 2 dermatologists think I'll be fine and I've had all the bloodwork done. Awaiting the infamous initial breakout but I'm only on 20mg so I hope it won't be that bad. I'll be documenting my experience over here if anyone's interested: *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules*

Thanks for the replies anyway smile.png

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Hormonal therapies (only used in women) such as oral contraceptives can also reduce sebum production.


(Click image)



Good luck

Thanks. My mother looked into that, but because of the country I live in, birth control pills are very difficult to get a hold of if you are under the age of consent or unmarried.

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