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Aqua Sea,how Do You Clean Your Fae With Sea Salt?

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How do you use sea salt to clean your face?

How many times do you do this?

What about chorium and iodine antagonizing the same receptor?

Have you seen results?Is it better than any other scrub out there?


FWIW ,i made an amateur olive oil +sea salt scrub

and wash out uring bathing.

Worked well.

I am waiting for an input:)

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Hi Panos!!! smile.png

Great to hear from you....

Re your post, please be careful with the extra virgin olive oil, it can sometimes encourage fungus growth on certain skin types if used as a topical....I do use it sometimes myself, but that's because I'm acne-free now and only use it rarely...I prefer hyaluronic acid and/ or beta glucan. If you want to try an oil to use every blue moon, try grapeseed oil, pomegranate oil or perhaps avocado/ apricot/ almond oil. However, if the extra virgin olive oil is helping your skin, stick with it (unless you notice it not helping and then you need to stop using it).

Re the sea salt wash, here are a few tips:

A) Best to go to the beach as often as possible (even daily if you can) and wash there as that is the best water to clear/ heal your skin and acne.

B) At home, if your skin is delicate, take get a large clean glass with natural spring water and dissolve two tablespoons of sea salt or himalayan salt in it and gently wash your face with it morning and night.

C) If you skin is strong, you can simply place a tablespoon of sea-salt or himalayan salt in you hand and gently rub it over your skin and then wash away with water. Also, if there is significant redness or infection, experiment with iodized salt (you can get this at the grocery store), this might also help with clearing the infection quicker.

D) If you have significant infection/ redness, experiment with applying 100% pure crystal alum (i.e. 100% pure crystal alum deodorant stick) onto your wet skin. It should leave a thin film of alum on your skin which should stop the acne bacteria/ infection. Try this for 3 days or 1 week only (as it's too drying to your skin longtem). After a week, stop using the crystal alum and instead apply 100% organic tea tree essentail oil directly to your skin (just test a bit on your skin first to make sure you're not allergic to it). This will get rid of any remaining bacteria/ fungas infection on your skin. You can also apply 100% lavender essentail oil directly on INDIVIDUAL pimples (NOTE: it's too drying for the entire face and not helpful to your overall skin condition).

E) ***Please try 100% beta glucan. It conditions and heals your skin AMAZINGLY. I got mine from www.newdirections.com.au. You can use it after you wash your skin. Here's something I posted about beta glucan eslewhere:

Beta Glucan from www.newdirections.com.au is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It heals the skin from damage and rapidly strengthens the epidermis. (It also helps to heal redness/ rosacea and hospitals use it on burns patients for 1st and 2nd degree burns to heal the skin and regrow it.

Lastly, here's a blurb from a Doctor from this rosacea support group website re the efficacy of beta glucan topical:


"Hi Group,

I have put a lot of time trying to figure out what products used for burn victims might have medical applications for rosacea. So far, at the top of the list is the prescriptin strenght growth factor creams clinically test on rosacea sufferers. Excellent results. Top notch.

I have been visiting the Emergency Room at some of our sister hospitals (Clarian Health). They are using Beta-Glucan on first and second degree burns (not third). This is used for several reason:

1. An extremely potent anti-inflammatory

2. Very potent soothing qualities and abolishes burning sensations

3. Cell renewal and epidermal thickner (just as good as the 20 growth factors).

No studies on rosacea sufferers yet. But it is available. I would wait because rosacea trials by independent laboratories are on the way as they see a huge market with our disorder. I really like this product. Facial plastic surgeons have the most experience with this product and can actually show you how it immediately calms down skin redness post resurfacing procedures by placing it on one half of the face for just a few days. This will be a part of rosacea recovery in the future. Below is a short blurb.

Today, Combining history and science, oat beta-glucan renewal cell complex is available for use in both medical and cosmetic applications. Originally formulated for use in intensive burn therapy, oat beta-glucan isused worldwide to aid in the burn recovery process. From burn therapy to cosmetic surgery, oat beta-glucan is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to ease discomfort and assist healing of facial resurfacing procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Today, the anti-aging oat beta-glucan renewal cell complex is a direct extension of the medical benefits derived from this proven technology."


You can also take it in capsule form. It helps cure everything from acne to cancer!!! See Beta13DGlucan.org: A Reliable Source of Information on Beta Glucan.

Also, if you can, try this green super food supplement (or equivalent) containing chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass that you can place in a glass of fresh juice daily. It's great for the skin and health and detoxes your body: https://www.synergynatural.com/product-information/super-greens.html

Lastly, I've not tried this brand myself, but the ingredients used in this brand sound excellent (and its creator seems to know what she's talking about). It's called Pure Skin Junkie. This might be a good brand to use longterm. I'm thinking of getting a few products myself. I will update if I do use them and give an appraisal. NB Check-out the before and after photos...it shows good results: http://www.pureskinjunkie.com/

And here's another useful link that offers advice on what active ingredients help the skin. Good general information to help in educating your skin treatment choices: http://www.skinperfectionbymichelle.com/products.html

Let me know how it goes...

Peace + Light eusa_angel.gif

PS Please don't eat dairy!!!

PPS I only wash my skin with water or facial mist spray by Sukin every 2 to 4 days now - i.e. only when my skin needs it. (I also only spa shower once or twice a week and "french wash" daily [i.e. private parts only]. I now use sea salt wash every blue moon because I'm acne free. I will, however, use a foaming cleanser by Sukin every two weeks or monthly if my skin needs a good cleanse. See: http://www.sukinorganics.com/about.asp

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wow aquasea thank you!!

i am acne free long time ago.

I want to treat scars and sun damage.My 5 days experience with EVOO

tells me that i get some weird pimples that maybe are sign of detoxing the toxins in skin.

I will stop using it and see how things will be.

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You're very welcome Panos smile.png

Glad to hear you're acne free !!!!! hifive.gif

Btw, please try the beta glucan...it has done incredible things for my skin...it makes your skin regrow healthy, you can also prick your scars/ wrinkles every 5 days gently (a little bit of blood is okay after pricking), just leave some skin intact (not pricked) inbetween. Then add beta glucan to your skin morning and night.

Also, for rough skin texture, try .05% Retin A/ Steiva A. Use it every 2nd day or so (as it causes your skin to peel if used too often). However, I recommend you try the beta glucan first. You will not be disappointed. See www.newdirections.com.au (or find another brand with equal quality beta glucan).

Peace + Goodwill eusa_angel.gif

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Hey Panos,

Just thinking, if you're not breaking out anymore, then you probably need something more conditioning for your skin rather than sea salt. That's good for clearing acne/ infection but not great for conditioning your skin.

Recently, I burned my skin with a too aggressive glycolic peel (along with skin needling at the same time - which was okay for me to do in the past - but because of recently using the Steiva A/ Retin A, it thinned my skin way too much and so the glycolic peel/ skin needling was too strong. Lesson learned, go slow and be gentle!).

However, this is what I've just introduced to my treatment (after 6 weeks of healing) which I posted elsewhere...it might be useful to you too:

A) Prescription strength 0.05% Retin A/ Steiva A (with Copper peptides from clearskincare.com.au) every 3 to 5 days with skin pricking: However, I'll only use it sparingly, as my skin is way more fragile now - maybe once a week or twice; as for skin rolling/ needling - I'll try that once a week or every two weeks very gently; but I'll continue with individual "skin pricking" on places that aren't as fragile every 3-5 days as needed).

Here are my new additions to strengthen, intensively moisturize and rejuvenate my skin

1. Beta glucan liquid

1 Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen Rejuvenating Moisturizer $7.15 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41505&x=35&y=4

2 B5 ($8.80) 17 g http://shop.newdirec...53163&x=40&y=11 NB stick to a safe amount in a reputable store bought brand

3 B3 Niacinamide15 g ($7.70) http://shop.newdirec...=53155&x=49&y=8 NB stick to a safe amount in a reputable store bought brand; too strong for skin to use alone; buy a dermatological product containing B3.

4. Gentle Skin Cleansing Lotion $4.40 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41063&x=58&y=6


Morning: Wash with the cleanser. Let face dry naturally. Then basically, with clean hand, I dab a generous bit of the Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen in the palm of my hand, sprinkle a little B3 vitamin powder in it and add a little bit of the B5 (which is rather sticky like clear honey) and mixed with my finger before applying it all over my face and delicately around eyes (maybe I should avoid them and only add vitamin e?...I'll see...). When dried, I add a thin film of the beta glucan. And also add pure vitamin e around my eyes.

Early evening: As above/ but do not cleanse.

Night, before bed: Wash with the cleanser. Do the same thing but add a little bit of Retin-A/ Steiva with the copper peptides and hyaluronic acid to Aloe Vera and Marine Collegen, B3 vitamin powder, B5, beta glucan.

Anyway, thought you'd like to know...I will let you know if I think this is new treatment is helpful in a month...feel free to consider it too...

Cheers, smile.png

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Panos, I posted this elsewhere, but you need to try this stuff!!!:

1 Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen Rejuvenating Moisturizer $7.15 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41505&x=35&y=4

2 B5 ($8.80) 17 g http://shop.newdirec...53163&x=40&y=11

3 B3 Niacinamide15 g ($7.70) http://shop.newdirec...=53155&x=49&y=8

4. Gentle Skin Cleansing Lotion $4.40 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41063&x=58&y=6

"The B3 Niacinamide and the Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen from New Directions helped my severly damaged forehead skin (which looked like old leather at it's worst stage) was depleted of nutrients and blood supply since it atrophied from using Benzoyl Peroxide (and other toxic acne products prior to being vegan and eating very healthy) over many years. The skin rolling helped greatly along with the copper peptides, Retin A, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, glycolic peels etc. However, NOTHING compares to the niacinamide (in conjunction with the Aloe Vera & Marine Collagen Moisturizer). I place a generous amount of moisturizer on my palm and the spinkle about 1/5 to 1/4 1/10 of a teaspoon of the B3 niacinamide to it and mix in my palm with my finger and slather it on (NOTE: you have to watch it go on for 1/2 hour in the mirror as little white patches appear where you need to add more moisturizer as the skin tends to drink it in...and the B3 niacinamide gently brightens and lightens your skin too...). Just keep a hand mirror beside you to check every 5 or 10 minutes over the hour to ensure that you moisturize those white patches so they don't lighten that area too much.

However, this stuff is MAGIC to sun damaged, chemical damaged, leathery coarse skin, damaged skin, orange peel skin, acne damaged skin, collagen loss skin, rosacea, red skin, pigmentation, rolling scars etc. Along with the Aloe vera + Marine Collagen moisterizer (which also contains shea butter, vitamin e, almond oil etc), it has literallly transformed my skin before my eyes. In my case, I do need to use a lot of it. And now, my skin condition's better now than it was over 10 years ago!!! I TOTALLY recommend this stuff...I also place the the B5 directly onto my skin (I tap it on because it's thick and tacky), and then add the rest. Btw, I store all these things in a paper bag in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Here are some links about Niacinamide:



In future, I am going to keep adding nutrients/ active ingredients ... There are so many things to try now that I have seen concrete personal evidence that potent vitamins/ natural active ingredients can do WONDERS for the skin in concentrated forms. I always knew intuitively that my skin was "hungry" for nutrients but I wasn't sure what ones and didn't realize that direct topical applications of these nutrients could deliver such stunning results in a short amount of time. This is a life changing revelation for me. I hope you continue searching for solutions too...they are out there, and clear, healthy skin is within reach..."

Hope this helps!!

Have a great weeekend!! smile.png

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Here's my new regime Panos, it's worked miracles for me, I highly recommend it...

A) Gently cleanse with the gentle cleansing lotion from New Directions

B) Air dry face

C) Apply Beta Glucan liquid from New Directions, let it seep in for 2 minutes

D) Then Apply B5 from New Directions (it's super thick so just tap it gently around your face) on top of the Beta Glucan

E) Then Sprinkle B3 Niacinamide powder on your clean palm (just a little bit like 2 or 3 shakes of a salt shaker or 1/10 to 1/8 of a teaspoon in the beginning, but then ease off to a few skakes latter, as B3 can lighten skin and at high levels isn't great for your liver, but otherwise, it's a super nutrient your body and skin needs to be healthy - it also stops acne). Then apply a generous amount Aloe Vera + Marine Collagen Moisturizer from New Directions onto your palm and mix it with the B3. Apply the mixture liberally to your face and neck/ decollatage .

F) For individual whiteheads/ cysts, apply 100% essential tea tree oil and 100% essential lavender oil...If you have really active acne; try applying the tea tree oil onto your entire face for a week to get rid of acne bacteria/ fungus etc. The lavender oil is far too drying for the entire face, so use in only on individual pustules etc.

G) Optional: Sit in a steaming warm detox bath with epsom salts for 45 minutes to 1 hour with the above on your face...it really seeps into the open pores. After, just wash off and reapply fresh amount.

H) I also add the Retin A/ Steiva A .05% with copper peptides to the mix every 2 or 3 night. I now skin roll once a week or every two weeks. (see clearskincare,com.au). I'm stopped using glycolic acid peels for now (at least 4 - 6 months) as I went overboard with it and need to repair my skin. But my skin is looking better now than it has in 10 years!

I) Store all your products in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Hope this info is useful to you smile.png

~ Peace ~

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Aqua sea, do you use the beta glucan powder or the liquid?

Btw i see some regeneration with the use of white iodine(pure potassium iodide).

I combine it sometimes with cocoa butter to see if there is any difference.

Btw you might want to research into collodidal silver that has the ability

to dedifferentiate the mature cells back to embryonic blastema state.

It is used for burns,and they say sometimes can even reverse a 3rd degree burn.

I dont know if the last statement is true.

But i have seen cut thumb to regrow with the use of silver iontophoresis(Robert O' Becker).

Niacimide should work,cause it promotes rapid circulation.

The whole deal is to manage to make the blood access the scar.

And of course the blood mus be free of toxins,so results will come.

Niacimide makes completey sense.

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Hi Panos, I use the beta glucan liquid. And yes, the B3 has made a real difference to my skin, especially with the Aloe Vera + Marine Collagen Moisturizer (and the B5 too) along with skin needling. The Steiva-A (Retin A) which I use at night has also really helped (I use it with the other stuff). However, I've noticed that the copper peptides make my skin look worse at the moment, but then, when I stop using it, the next day - when I try the other stuff - my skin looks better...so I'm not sure whether the copper peptides are helping or hindering my skin's progress....so I will only use it once in while to be on the safe side. As for pure potassium iodide, I've never tried it. I will have to research it as I've heard iodine can made acne worse for some people. However, if it's helping you, I'll research it for my skin too.

And for collodial silver, that sounds like a great idea!!! Yes, it's a wonderful substance and a potent treatment for every ailment. I have never tried it on my skin but it would make sense. Thanks for that great advice Panos!!! I'll look into that...

Btw, I'm thinking of using scar strips (made out of silicon and other scar healing agents...but I'd prefer one without the silicon if they make it...) to help even my skin texture on my forehead (i.e. wear them to sleep or while at home)...I was inspired by reading about "Frownies". and I've started to firmly yet gently massage my skin 3 times per day while cleansing and moisturising. It seems to help.

I'm thinking of getting CoEnzyme 10 next time and centella to use. However, I read somewhere that "collaxyl" helps scars...and so does hexaheptide 9, Rosehip Oil, Acai Berry Extract, Asfetida root extract....I'm looking forward to try a variety of these things progressively since I've become aware just how potent vitamins etc are when used as topicals and in conjunction with skin needling. If only I had known about it sooner, I would never have touched those toxic acne products like BP etc...hopefully, others will heed these lessons and stick to natural remedies.

Thanks for your great advice & insights Panos!!!

Cheers smile.png

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Hi Panos,

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm only using beta glucan liquid now. (The vitamins helped initially, but I think they are too strong for my skin now...best to buy a reputable dermatological product with vitamin B3 and B5 in them to ensure the dose is safe & helpful for the skin).

I also no longer will use the evoo for my massages. I developed a "cauliflower" texture to my skin, so it really isn't good for my skin. Today, I only used beta glucan liquid and my skin recovered to a good extent. I also only massaged tonight using a handheld mirror up to bright light and the middle finger on my other hand doing targeted and firm (yet gentle) massaging all over my face (I used beta glucan liquid only), Also, I did a full skin needling session about 2 hours previous to the massage. In fact, my skin actually looked better after the single finger + beta glucan liquid massage than the evoo + full hand massage.

Anyway, thought I'd just update you on what I'm using now...

Are you still using the evoo?

Cheers smile.png

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^^ Hey there!

No i am not using it frequently. I am using evoo like 1 time per 2-3 weeks .Just to condition the skin.

BUT i am taking almost everyday 1 tablespoon of evoo ,for the good lipids.

As we can see,there are bad-good and neutral situation of our skin,from one day to another day.

So i am thinking of not caring that much about how my skin looks from day to day.

Although,many times change is a good thing.

I will definitely try beta glucan. I am hearing that does miracle things for you.I even suggested for someone

on another forum that had inflammation after from glycoli acid,just cause of the miraces you say it does:P

But as of now,i am into scar removal from an alchemical point of view.

Btw i used lugol's for first time,,some days ago,and this stuff is amazing.

It makes the scar tissue red,from the deep layers.And thats weird.It makes it gooey.

So i am waiting for exfoliation and to report results.

Its very different from iodine tincture or white iodine.

Take care!

edit: oh how could i forgot!

I used baking soda to clean my face.I mix 1 teaspoon of bs and 2 teaspoons of warm water

to make a water diluted paste.And wow! It rocks.I have heard then you have to use vinegar-water(1:8)

so you can balance again the ph ,due to the basic nature of baking soda.But i didnt do it:P

You have to use the baking soda gently though.It was the best cleansing agent for me.


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Thanx for the tips Panos !!! smile.png

I will look into Lugols...please keep me updated on how it goes...I need to be careful what I put on my face now because of the skin burns I received from glycolic acid +retin A +skin rolling....it's not as robust as it used to be...yes, I love evoo too on my salads etc...at this stage, I'm not going to place evoo on my face because my skin reacts to it negatively...I would like to source a good conditioning oil though...and yes, beta glucan liquid is fantastic!!! It doesn't make the skin breakout and it conditions the skin somewhat and encourages true healing.

Re baking soda, I have used baking soda in the past but my skin is too fragile for it now....I mainly used it to neutralize the glycolic skin peels.

Re vinegar, I can't eat anything with vinegar as it makes me breakout, I only use fresh lemon or fresh lime juice....and vinegar is too strong for my skin, especially now. ..however, I have read it helps many people.

And yes, it's a good idea not to fuss with the skin...I guess I'm just trying to maximise healing at this early stage of my skin burn...and I'm testing to see if the massage therapy works...so far, I recommend it with beta glucan not with oil using the middle finger (it sort of feels like you're rubbing out your flaws and your finger is an erasure) along with skin needling and beta glucan...however, if the skin is robust, retin A/ steiva a is great to help remodel the skin too (I just can't use it everyday anymore)...I did use a little yesterday just in some key areas for an hour then washed it off and added beta glucan. I know retin a helps my skin, but now there's a point where it can accentuate my scarring if I apply too much and for more than 1 day...I did not have this problem before getting my skin burns.

Healing takes time...

Have a lovely day smile.png!!

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Hi Panos,

The massaging is going really well...just wanted to say that I'm using Thursday Plantation's 100% Rosehip oil along with beta glucan. I've used it for two days/ overnight/ with massaging and my skin seems to really like it... I will use it for a week and see if I recommend it, but I think it is really helping my skin...at this stage I think it's great i.e. really hydrating, no-greasy, good for scars/ wrinkles/ burns/ stretchmarks/antiaging....

Have you tried this oil?

Cheers :)

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