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Peeling Skin From Epiduo. Do I Keep Applying It On This Area?

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You should just apply a moisturizer that will help with the peeling and dry flaky skin. I suggest you use Cetaphil moisturizer cream and this cream goes between $9-13. There is a $1 off coupon off their site if you do decide to buy it.

I myself used epiduo and after 2-3 weeks of using it my skin was less dry and flaky. I also use the cetaphil moisturizer.

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Hey! I am on day 6 of using epiduo and my skin is peeling as well! It's completely normal, it's a good thing in fact! New skin is working its way through :) I too, recommend cetaphil, or cerave am and pm, that's what I use. Both are great! I hope you have success with epiduo and fingers crossed for us!!!

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Thank you! I also hope it works out. I think i am seeing some improvement.

How long do you wait to moisturize after applying Epiduo?

And Do you moisturize both morning and night?

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Good I'm glad! Idk if I have seen improvement, but I have only been using it 1 week so far. I wash my face in the morning with dove soap, pat dry, wait 10 minutes and then apply cerave lotion. At night, I wash with dove, rinse, pat dry, wait 10 minutes to apply epiduo then wait 30 minutes then cerave!!

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Its weird because if I dont put moisturize after putting on epiduo my face doesn't sting. When I do put moisturize on after epiduo, it burns like crazy. I wonder if anyone else gets this.

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The same thing happens with me! So, the past few nights I have NOT been moisturizing at night time after epiduo. I hope that us not a bad idea.. I just sleep over night, wake up wash face then moisturizer! You making any progress???

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