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Hey everyone.

This is my first time posting here.

I have had acne problem since I was 16 and I am 23 years old now.

My skin has become very bad in last 3 years of college life and it is really time to step up to do something before it gets worse and older.

Early stage, I only had some on forehead.

Second stage, I had a lot of red acnes on my chin.

Third stage, My face has so much pores, a lot of small ones & scars that turn into big ones. These pores have small whitehead that I can easily pop out without putting force, especially between nose and chick.

Here is my question. I don't get much red and bumpy acnes anymore. However, I started having these little, some times wide bumps on my chick. If I don't touch them, it would stay there forever. When I pop them, long lines of whiteheads come out. Older ones I pop, it's yellowish whiteheads. It's very disgusting. Although I try not to touch them, it would never go away itself. I noticed that some of them have facial hair pop out after long lines of whiteheads. I have been using simple acne products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, cream, etc) that helps a lot to prevent & reduce active acnes but it doesn't help with these whiteheads at all. From what I look up, it seems like they may be either folliculitis or milia. I went dermatologist a year ago and doctor mentioned thaat km sufferinf from folliculitis.

What do you guys think it is?

Recommended products I should get?

What's good product for pores?

Thanks you.

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i'm not sure but i'm dealing with this too. i thought they were milia at first but they seem so small and less 'seedy' than the images i see of milia online. like yours, when i pop them long strings of yellowish/white stuff comes out :/ they are like clogged pores and NEVER go away even when i exfoliate or extract them

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Thanks for response.

This is very weird type of acne than freaks out when so much stuff comes out and no blood.

I have quiet of facial hair. I feel that these are some what related to growing facial hair&clogging.

Anyone else?

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i agree about the facial hair, clogging and improper sloughing of skin cells. i have thousands of tiny whiteheads embedded in the crease of my chin. They are not extractable even though they look like they will pop right out. They dont because there is some deep seeded core to them. Albeit it might be tiny but sometimes i break the skin around it and cant get that little white dot. It will stay in there despite bha's, retinoids, aha's, anti fungals..the list goes on and on. I wish they would stop forming because unlike pimples they never go away and seem to multiply...what the heck kind of acne is this?

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