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Can you drink alcohol on minocycline?

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Just curious, I would really like to drink a couple, but if this would slow down the mino or cause something worng. Then I can hold off drinking for a while. Thanks

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it wont affect mino's antibacterial effect, but its not a good idea because of the fact that mino is already putting a strain on your liver, and adding alcohol in the mix is putting that vital organ in extra overtime. its not fatal or deadly, just kinda harsh on the liver.....

but i guess u can call me a hypocrite because im currently on accutane, and last saturday i got drunk off my ass. so its really your call, aspirin and tylenol put a strain on your liver also, but you still see people taking them and getting drunk too.....

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thanks thebignosebandit, that was the most quick and right to the point answer i have found, after looking on google for the past hour. I might not drink tonight anyway, my roommate has been working really hard and its his like frist night off this summer lol. I might be DD

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when i was on mino i found that drinking alcohol really effected the performance of it.

also on the leaflet it said to avoid alcohol.

but occasionaly won't hurt biggrin.gif

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I wouldnt do it within 2 hours before or after Mino, Doxy, or tet. I am studying pharmacy and have been on meds for 10, years now, includinge Tane. Alcohol is a blood thinner and allows certain medications to reach areas of the body quickly and more effectivley. Its the same reason they put Aspirin into STACKER 2 when it had ephedrine. REMEMBER? because aspirin is a blood thinner and actually allowed the ephedrine to flow into the bloodstreamm at higher quantity and gave a euphoric high for weight lifters. I am fairly knowledgeable and feel that a little alcohol is not only safe with the DOXY I TAKE, but as long as not in direct combo will allow my blood to flow more freely and the medication will distribute itself throughout the body faster/more effectively. This is a hypothesis at this point, as i lack the equipment necc. to verify this data.

Smoothbeamin.. B)

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