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Advice for stubborn acne, repeat Accutane user?


Posted : 02/04/2024 8:37 am

Hi, I am 40 years old, fighting acne since puberty. Currently struggling with cysts along the jawline and neck, they are deep and painful and leave scars. Currently on second month of combined BC w drospirenon , and it is ( maybe) starting to help a little with size of the cysts. ( was on progesterone only before ). I have been on isotretinoin courses five times before, last time several years ago. I clear completely each time, but it returns within a few months.

  1. What to do? Isotretinoin again? Or could it be that the BC will help more over time given smaller cysts ? BC never cleared me before ISO, but maybe this time. It is the scarring that worries me.
Member Admin

Posted : 02/06/2024 4:36 pm

Five times!? wow.

Question. When you've been on isotretinoin, have you taken it with fatty meals when you take it? If you don't, it doesn't absorb and work as it should.

Also, have you tried The Regimen? It can clear up even super annoying acne like you're talking about and prevent scarring. It's for sure worth a shot. I agree with what you're saying that you want to get right on top of it to prevent scarring.


Posted : 07/10/2024 1:28 pm

I also think that the regimen can help, the main thing is not to wait for the result instantly