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Ultra Low Dose Accutane Experiment


Posted : 07/11/2022 3:57 pm

I'm here to calm people down.

There is a powerful retinoid drug called Acitretin. This drug is intended for psoriasis patients. This drug has very similar side effects to roaccutane and psoriasis patients often take it for life or for a very long time even though it is considered a more toxic drug than roaccutane.

In low doses Roaccutane is considered a very safe drug as long as a healthy diet is maintained. (No alcohol, no smoking)

The fear around this drug is due to the very high doses that it is taken.

Roaccutane is not a poison to your body for a simple reason that without vitamin A (retinoid vitamin) humans could not live.

It is important to note that blood tests should be done for safety at least up to three times a year.

Low dose of Roaccutane depends on the severity of the problem. Sometimes 10 mg a week may be enough and sometimes 60 mg a week may be enough.It's very individual.

The sign of too high a dose are the side effects. If there are too dry lips or bleeding from the nose I would recommend reducing the dose until the side effects improve.

I would also recommend doing detoxification once a year for two to three weeks.

If acne or very oily skin causes you not to realize your potential, a low dose of Roaccutane is the solution for you. (Hope you do not have an unusual sensitivity to the drug)