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Epsom Salt
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Epsom Salt


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Epsom Salt

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Epsom Salt

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It does actually work!!
Reviewed on October 14, 2017

I cant believe it took me this long to find this amazing, cheap and simple treatment!!! I've heard about salt/swimming in the ocean being good for acne but I thought it was just some old BS myth... Well, until I came over the reviews here at acne.org and decided to try it for my self!

A little bit of background:

Im a 27 year old Female with light to moderate hormonal acne. Mostly on my cheeks and jawline (and if I'm unlucky it spreads over my forehead, chest and back). I've had these problems for the last ten years. Before that my skin was so perfect and supple it looked better without make up than with it. Suddenly the pimples just started flaring up from nowhere and I have had cykles of clear skin/light acne/moderate acne/clear/light/moderate and so on since then.

My skin is not oily nor dry, although I would say it's more to the dry side if I had to choose. So harsh, chemical drying lotions and stuff like that just made my inflammation worse.

I have tried everything in the past!! Like many others here.

BP, LED, chemical peels, Retinol, birth control, salisylic acid, antibiotics, topical gels, baking soda, lemon, honey, oil... pretty much everything besides Accurate.

Well, one week ago I decided to try the Epsom salts. Every night and morning I use a homemade toner containing 1/5 epsom salt and 4/5 boiled and cooled water. I use a cotton pad to spread it all over my face. If I have a cyst or a pimple I use a spot treatment blend made of 1 spoon of salt and one soon of warm

water and dab it to the pimples with a wool tip. I DON'T wash it off afterwards but keep it over night or use it under my make up in the morning. It's not harsh against your skin, on the opposite it just calms it down.

It doesn't dry my skin but since it is already prone to be a bit dry-ish I use Jojoba oil as a moisturizer after the toner has dried.

Well it's been one week and WOW!! My skin doesn't look as inflamed/red anymore! Most of my acne has dried up except some stubborn cysts that was there before or under the skin when I started the treatment. I know it's is just my skin purging them out and every day it looks better and better!

My ski tone looks more even and more tanned? The stubborn scars have even started to fade.

I use Zink and omega 3-6 supplements as I feel this helps with the healing and overall health. But other then that ALL I use is epsom salt and jojoba oil on my face. Works wonders and I'm so stoked to see how my skin looks in a few weeks when all the s*** underneath is cleared and surfaced.

Also, I noticed that when I get a new pimple it heals much faster and doesn't leave any hyperpigmentation like before. Try this if you haven't! It's so cheap and makes your non-acne skin look so good and even! Best of luck!!

Healing my acne after only 4 days
Reviewed on May 26, 2017

So I've used this twice as a scrub mixed with hemp seed oil, and I've been using it twice daily as a spot treatment just dissolved in water. I have really dry skin and I'm in my 20s and no other acne treatments have been working for me, but this is already healing my acne after only 4 days. It looks like my pimples are just fading away. Since the Epsom salt leaves a white residue on your face I wash it off after as long as I can wait in the morning and I leave it on overnight. I really recommend trying it. Unless you're allergic to Epsom salt, it's pretty harmless to try.

by Madisoneunderhill on 08/09/2017 02:41
Did you use it after you washed your face or?
wow incredible
Reviewed on April 7, 2017

I regret trying this last. From taking tons of herbs for male hormonal acne (because my doctor won't let me do a hormonal test so i can't pinpoint it atm) and it only helping a little bit i figured i would try this and i literally don't get a single pimple unless i sweat then i do break out a bit but this stuff destroys pimple bacteria better than proactive. I really would recommend this if you don't wanna put toxins/chemicals on your skin. It kinda sucks that i can't heal completely but man it's better to have 3 small red spots than 80 HUGE difference. Also your face gets super smooth from out along with other benefits.

Need help
Reviewed on March 25, 2017

I have been using this product twice a day for 5 days now. I mix 2 tablespoons with 1 cup of water and let it dry for half an hour. I was wondering if my regimen I was using is good.

Reviewed on February 25, 2017

Really does work! I struggle with acne flare ups where I seem to get loads in one big hit. After being given some magnesium sulphate for folliculitis and finding out it was Epsom salt I ordered some online and mix 1 part salt with 4 parts warm water and use cotton wall pad to put the mixture all over my face and let it dry on my face for half an hour and wash off follow wit benzoyl peroxide 5% and moisturize.. If I have a spot forming I dab the solution again on the spot and let it stay dried on that area over night. well 10 days in and there is a massive improvement! old spots are gone, any new ones a tiny bumps which only last for 2 days and go flat with no reddening of the area. My non acne skin is also really smooth. I noticed my pores are smaller and the oiliness of my skin has improved greatly. I plan to do this nightly until its all under control and then maybe use every 3 nights or weekly. I think the 'pulling' properties of the product gets any of the gunk out of the pore before it becomes inflamed which is good enough for me. Oh and staying of the chocolate is a big one for me as well. please give it a go!

Epsom Salt OR Baking Soda ??
Reviewed on January 18, 2017

Ok, so I know this is suppose to be a review, but I am really keen to find out what you guys recommend. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. I am 20 years old, and really struggling with some mild acne (but mostly these small irritating pimples that won't go away), especially around my jawline area. And this may be hormonal. I do have a healthy diet, water intake, exercise, etc. Birth control won't help AT ALL, neither does antibiotics. So please understand my frustration. My skin type is combination with some areas being dry.

I have been researching about Epsom salt and Baking soda, and both of them sounds equally awesome. So I am actually just looking for answers regarding which one would be more beneficial for my skin.

Thanks in advance! x

by hal087 on 08/21/2017 07:20
Please don't use baking soda on your skin! Here's some more information as to why - https://[link removed]
by hal087 on 08/21/2017 07:24
sorry, didn't know links weren't allowed. essentially it's overly alkaline and damaging, but i'd recommend doing a search as many people have said it better than I can.
by hal087 on 08/21/2017 07:24
sorry, didn't know links weren't allowed. essentially it's overly alkaline and damaging, but i'd recommend doing a search as many people have said it better than I can.
It's like magic
Reviewed on November 30, 2016

I'm 41 years old and never had bad acne except during my pregnancy (hormonal). About a year ago I started to have regular breakouts that would leave dark spots in my face. The pimples were cystlike never really coming to a head and lingering for weeks regardless of what I did in my attempts to get rid of them.

Three months ago our city experienced a historic flood. My husband and I were trapped for 12 hours before being rescued. The severity of my acne has been horrific since then, waking up to multiple new pimples daily. The flood water was disgusting and toxic. I assumed the acne was resulting from my medication, hormones, stress and possible exposure to floodwater. I read that a lot of people experience bad skin reactions from the drug adderall, which I have been taking for a year. I've even had facials with blackhead extractions. When running my fingers across my skin I could feel fine bumps under my skin. These were clogged pores just waiting to turn into the monstrous painful cyst that I've been experiencing. I thought about getting off of my medicine until I found this forum. Since trying the epsom salt my acne has cleared up within 48 hours tremendously! All of my cystlike pimples are almost nonexistent! No new breakouts and the dark spots are already much lighter. I'm praying that the results don't change and I've found a simple cure for my breakouts without having to take another drug or discontinue the use of my current ones.

Having acne sucks! I love to wear makeup but when there are lumps and bumps under your skin it feels pointless. It's embarrassing since I've always been complimented on how pretty my skin is. I wear makeup to compliment not cover. I've never had to wear makeup to hide my skin. Epsom salt has been magic for my acne.

Twice a day I take a a tablespoon full and put in the palm of my hand mixing with a few drops of warm water. The. I massage it into my face and neck, leaving it on for a 10 min. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Sometimes it stings a bit but it does not dry my skin out. Today I'm going to wear makeup and see how that goes. I'm so excited.

Reviewed on September 13, 2016

I've had acne all my life, however over the years it has changed drastically. In high school I had very mild acne, mostly blocked pores. When I went into my freshman year of college, I started breaking out dramatically where I started wearing foundation just to hide the marks. I tried everything the dermatologist gave me, aczone, sulfur washes, proactiv, x out. I was using exposed skincare for a while and my acne got slightly better during that treatment, but not fully. At that point I was getting cystic acne, it was painful, large and hormonal (mostly around my mouth and chin). After I graduated I saw the dermo again and he prescribed oracea (doxycyclen 40mg) which did WONDERS for my skin. It was so clear for the first time in a very long time. After about a year it stopped working and my cystic acne came back with a vengeance. I looked all over the web trying to find acne cures, finally went to my dermo and got epiduo which I havent seen much of a progress with. I needed a quick fix so I found the reviews for epsom salt and decided to try it. After 1 week of using it, my skin is looking AMAZING! Ive never seen such fast results with a topical treatment. All my cysts have dried up and come to white heads (but not huge white heads like the ones I was getting). All I do is mix the epsom salt with warm water, plop it on my face and let it sit over night. It's been such a miracle. I suggest you all try it before taking any prescriptions from the dermo, half their sh*t doesnt even work. ENJOY!

Reviewed on July 18, 2016

I've had acne since I was 12 and I am now 23. It all started when I started wearing makeup and didn't wash my face. I first started using over the counter products and eventually switched to DIY all natural cleansing products(oil cleansing, honey, apple cider etc.). Although the all natural worked a bit, I still wanted something that would kill a cyst immediately so upon reading a blog about muscle aches, I found out about Epsom salts. I mixed it with water so it would dissolve and not too abrasive for my face. The huge pimple on my cheek reduced its size the next day! My Korean skin care products also helped in keeping my face clean and moisturized but the Epsom salt is definitely the acne killer for me. I rarely get pimples now! Try it and ensure to get the magnesium sulfate not the one with fragrance!

First thing to work for horrible breakout
Reviewed on June 17, 2016

Background: I'm twenty years old and I've never had a problem with acne leading up to this. I would get the occasional spot, with one nagging cluster on my forehead because I rub there when I'm stressed. Then I had a massive cystic acne breakout.

In January 2016 I started a new medication, which worked great except for it started to cause acne. I'd never had a cyst before, and four months later this was all over my cheeks and chin, overlapping each other and bright red. It hurt if my faced touched anything. I've never worn make up before, but had to start in order to feel ok leaving the house.

When my doctor saw me in March we switched to a similar medication that didn't cause acne, and he prescribed minocycline. Minocycline did nothing by mid-April, so I started doing my own research. I found out that Epsom salt is really helpful for some, and gave it a shot.

It worked like magic and drew up and drained almost all my cysts. I mixed it with warm water to dissolve it and put it on with a cotton ball and swab only where I needed it in the morning, and just keep reapplying 3x during the day, reapply once before bed. Almost all the cysts came to a head and the pus and infection made it to the surface and came out on its own, no popping, it was disgusting but amazing. A lot of my cysts healed, all of them greatly reduced in size and went flat after the pus came out. This helped me feel ok to leave the house again.

I did have to be put on doxycycline to really kill the underlying infection and Adapalene to get the stubborn cysts to truly heal, but doing this spread up the process so much I would highly recommend it.

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