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January 18, 2017
Epsom Salt OR Baking Soda ??
Ok, so I know this is suppose to be a review, but I am really keen to find out what you guys recommend. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. I am 20 years old, and really struggling with some mild acne (but mostly these small irritating pimples that won't go away), especially around my jawline area. And this may be hormonal. I do have a healthy diet, water intake, exercise, etc. Birth control won't help AT ALL, neither does antibiotics. So please understand my frustration. My skin type is combination with some areas being dry. I have been researching about Epsom salt and Baking soda, and both of them sounds equally awesome. So I am actually just looking for answers regarding which one would be more beneficial for my skin. Thanks in advance! x
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August 21, 2017
sorry, didn't know links weren't allowed. essentially it's overly alkaline and damaging, but i'd recommend doing a search as many people have said it better than I can.
August 21, 2017
sorry, didn't know links weren't allowed. essentially it's overly alkaline and damaging, but i'd recommend doing a search as many people have said it better than I can.
September 9, 2015
Mixed Feelings
I began using epsom salt after reading everyone's great reviews. I had initially tried it because I had two cystic mountains on my face that I get every now and then, but usually it takes a good week or longer to get rid of both the size and the pain from them using just benzyl peroxide and tea tree oil alone. I had amazing results at first using a spot treatment method. I would apply the epsom salt and water mixture on the spots and by the next day the mountain was literally smaller and had a head to it (which usually takes at least a week for them to surface). The epsom salt spot treatment worked so well on the large areas that I thought I would try this as a mask on the rest of my face... but using it this way caused me to break out more than usual. I have heard that this can cause your skin to purge, and apparently that is true. The reason I gave this 3 stars is because it actually does work, but for me I would only use it on the large, hard to get rid of type of acne, instead of trying to battle the purge lol I just can't handle having to deal with more than I had to before.
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August 14, 2015
It works, but results are slow
Definitely does shrink pimples and cysts, but it will take a looooong time for the pimple (especially a cyst) to actually completely go away. It will reduce it a little at a time, so I would recommend mixing a tablespoon of Epsom salt into warm water and applying it onto the cyst with a Q-tip, and it will take about a week and a half to fully go away. I would like to stress: DONT FREAK OUT ABOUT A ZIT, no matter how big it is. It will go away eventually and it is not the end of the world. I get bad anxiety from acne, so I understand the emotional affects it has, but just use this home remedy and wait about two weeks, it will go away and you will be okay. :)
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June 22, 2013
Works, but no magic cure




Takes time and commitment
Epsom Salts alone are not enough, it needs to go hand in hand with diet changes
Skin looks red immediately after mask

I noticed that my skin cleared up dramatically when I went to the Salar de Uyuni (Salt desert) in Bolivia and, to some extent, improved every time I went to the seaside. I figured it must be the sun and/or the sea salt. Having read reviews here, I recently started using Epsom Salts on my face (I mix 2 parts water :1 part salt while also adding some crystals to wet skin, and rinse it off after an hour or so). It does work, but I need to moisturise my skin with sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and/or rosehip oil afterwards. I used tea tree oil in the past, which has worked, and wearing sun screen every single day is key to not make acne and hyperpigmentation worse. Epsom Salts don't do anything for my scars and hyperpigmentation, or at least it haven't so far. They do work, though. I got lazy over the past two weeks and my acne has come back. In a nutshell, Epsom Salts are not THE magic cure. I still need to watch my diet - strictly no meat, no dairy, very little or no sugar, as little processed food as possible. Zinc supplements have helped me. Overall, I feel the change in diet has made the biggest improvement of all.
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