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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)
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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)


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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)

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Vitamin D (Vitamin D3)

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Best thing I've used in 14 years
Reviewed on October 28, 2016

I've had acne/ eczema since I was 10. There have been years where it has calmed down but also years where it's full blown cystic acne. Birth control did help so between 16-21 my skin was decent. I had to stop the pill due to other health reasons and I swear over night my skin went from fine to extremely dry and full of all kinds of zits, whiteheads, milia, cysts. Nothing worked except changing my diet. I cut our most animal products and slowly saw an improvement this year. But I was still getting acne and had dry spots. Lately I've been having digestion issues and my vitamin D level was checked. Vitamin D is not part of normal blood test. Turns out my level 12 when 30 is normal. I was told it would've taken years to get that low. There are lots of health complications associated with Vitamin D deficiency one of them is unbalanced hormones which equals skin problems.

Six weeks ago I began taking a vitamin D supplement. The first week my skin went from extremely dry to extremely oily (something I'm not used to) but I didn't try to dry it out like old me would've done. I sticked with my normal skincare routine and haven't changed any makeup. It's been six weeks and this morning when I looked in the mirror I actually saw my skin. I only have about two active zits on my face and they are normal whiteheads. Yes, I have lots of scars, but my skin actually looks healthy. I have six weeks left on my high dose prescription of vitamin D then my levels get checked.

I encourage anyone with acne to get vitamins and minerals checked. Acne is a result of inflammation somewhere in the body not bad hygiene.

Vitamin D supplement helped with my acne issue
Reviewed on September 23, 2016

Let me start with my acne history, I had no to mild acne issue all my life. Last winter, all of sudden my acne issue accelerated. So bad that I started having 2 new painful acne every day. I tried everything, those products reduced the size of acne but could not prevent it. As I was researching abt acne I bumped into this website and learned that VitD could be the cause of the acne. Went to the doctor to get my vitamin D level checked, guess what, I had very low count of vitamin D. No wonder I was feeling so low all the time with crazy mood swings. My doctor recommended 50k ui twice a week. Miracle.. No new acne. My skin started glowing again!! I also take daily one multivitamin. A big thank u to this website n Google.

Reviewed on July 29, 2016

So here I am, I was scrolling through this site 1 week ago and came across this

I've tried most things for my acne that popped up post birth control: vit C, vit A(noticed pores became smaller and decreased sebum), multivitamins, probiotics, antibiotics(slight decrease in acne), cutting out dairy and wheat(noticed decreased inflammation), herbs, BP & SA(both dried out skin), exfoliation(good for sebum plugs), etc... you get the picture

Being a desperate person with acne, I figured what do I have to lose and have been taking 5,000 IU vit D3 for the past 7 days. I didn't have much hope at that point, though I had read of small studies showing benefit for women with PCOS. I don't have PCOS, but have symptoms of it that also happen to mirror vit D deficiency symptoms. I noticed decreased inflammation and less oily skin from day 1. The past week I have had consistently better skin and decreased breakouts, especially from the large, inflamed cysts I tend to have. When I look at my skin, it is usually filled with red, active acne

I decided to post this afternoon for my first time on because my period came with 27 days in my cycle. The norm for women is 28. My normal cycles are usually 32-38 days, so this stuck out me. I'd read that irregular periods were corrected in some women with PCOS taking vit D, this makes me hopeful it is doing something and I'm not imagining it

No, I don't think vit D will help everyone. I think it will help people who are deficient in it enough that it is causing their acne to be worse in severity. From what I have read, vit D is involved in controlling the inflammation of sebum plugs. I do not think vit D will give someone crystal clear skin unless their acne is mild.

I will update in a couple weeks

Remember, it's smart to do everything under a doctor's supervision and vitamins are not to be taken without caution just because they are otc

Edit: So it's been only two weeks and it's worked and is working immensely. I have pics if someone could tell me how to upload them on the mobile site

by katherine S. on 08/11/2016 23:32
So it's been only two weeks and it's worked and is working immensely. I have pics if someone could tell me how to upload them on the mobile site
by Kurojou on 09/04/2016 13:43
Hello! Do upload a picture on your own account like create a blog or topic and show your progress! I hope to hear from you!
Supplement cautiously
Reviewed on August 4, 2016

I'm thinking of trying D3 supplementation for a third time. The first time made my skin worse which I thought could be attributed to a sensitivity to lanolin. The second time I took vegan d3 and supplemented with magnesium as I didn't want my calcium levels to soar. This also made my skin worse which may have been from the magnesium because I have read some testimonials of acne sufferers who wrote that magnesium had the opposite of the desired effect for acne. I also once supplemented with magnesium on its own and it broke me out horribly.

The interesting thing with vitamin d is that it increases igf1 which is supposed to be horrible for acne. How does that work?

by katherine S. on 08/05/2016 07:18
I used to take 500mg mega magnesium tablets from GNC, they broke me out like crazy
Doesn't seem to do much for me
Reviewed on July 5, 2016

I went into D3 thinking that it would be a good addition to my existing skincare regimen. I was cleansing 2x a day, using Dan's BP at night and moisturizer in the morning. My acne was more or less controlled, but I was always fighting 2 or 3 deep, painful pustules at any given time.

The first time I took D3, I took it with fish oil. I noticed a surge in my libido that may or may not have been attributed to the D3. I noticed that over the span of two weeks, remnants from old pimples and red marks began to swell up. One, that had been just a small dot near my right eyebrow, grew to enormous proportions. As soon as I discontinued D3, the swelling subsided. D3 also made me break out around my mouth and near my ears.

I tried D3 several more times, once on its own (no fish oil, as that seemed to exacerbate breakouts) and once with Vitamin A. Each time, it led to my existing pimples swelling up and caused me to break out around my mouth. Another symptom was red, scaly patches that appeared near my temples and on my upper eyelids. The higher the D3 dosage, the sooner these symptoms surfaced.

There were no obvious positive effects - my skin stayed oily, any improvement in mood might have been placebo. I was, of course, disappointed that it didn't work for me as it had for so many other people, and I still think everyone should give D3 supplementation a shot, especially if they spend a lot of time in areas where the sun don't shine.

by nbar on 08/03/2016 13:22
You may find using a vegan d3 more helpful. Some people have a bad reaction to lanolin derived d3
So far so good!
Reviewed on June 11, 2016

I recently started taking 10,000 IU of Vitamin A and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Whether you believe it or not, after the past 3 days my pimples have cleared up quite nicely. I never really had horrible acne anyways. Of course, there are different solutions for different skin types, so it may not work for you. I have sensitive skin, generally oily around the T zone but overall somewhat oily. I hope the method works and doesn't eventually break me out. For now I recommend; good luck to everyone who will try!

Paired with vitamin A, it's amazing for oily skin
Reviewed on May 25, 2016

Paired with vitamin A, it works wonders for oily skin. I started with 800 iu a day but now I take 2000 iu with 10 000 iu vitamin A. My skin used to be so shiny just an hour after washing my face but this has made it more manageable. Also helps with acne but definitely not a cure all. I do take other supplements which collectively have all helped my skin.

by Sarah97 on 06/01/2016 17:00
What other supplements do you take? And also did you purge from vitamin a with small bumps?
works but needs time
Reviewed on April 10, 2016

3 months ago my derm recommended aknenormin (a generic version of accutane / isotretinoin sold in germany) for my body acne (diagnosed as conglobata at back and chest). I was afraid of the side effects and refused. Then i started with vitamin d3. In the first weeks, it didn't really help my acne, but my mood swings and anxiety disappeared so i continued. After the first month some spots of nodular cystic acne vanished and i started supplementing sillymarin because it's an antioxidant and can help with infections too. Since then my skin has been getting better and better every month. It's not that magical overnight cure that some are writing about, but finally there is something that works. Instead of 5-12 active spots there are now 1-3 active spots. They are smaller and less painful. I visited my derm in a following appointment 2 weeks ago and she said that i don't need isotretinoin anymore. Because of scarring and red marks i'm still far away from clear skin, but i've seen an 70% improvement and thats so much better than anything i achieved with bpo, tea tree oil and other otc products.

short facts;

male, 28 years, 80kg

6500 iu per day since Jan 15th 2016 (plus vit k every 3rd day)

3 caps of sillymarin per day

in good hope to be completely clear at June or July

worked for me
Reviewed on April 2, 2016

First i did a blood test to check my vitamin d deficiency..... I found that i have insufficient vitamin d. After that i take vitamin d supplement to meet my insufficiency. U can check the dosage with your test result through google search.

The final result is amazing....... It really worked for me.

Amazing so far
Reviewed on March 2, 2016

I've been taking 10,000 iu per day for a week and all my cystic and non cystic spots have gone down massively already. Now just waiting on pigmentation to fade. Amazing!!!!!