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Drinking Water
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Drinking Water


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Drinking Water

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Drinking Water

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So simple, dumb really, but it works
Reviewed on January 29, 2017

I'm currently on spironolactone, so I should be drinking more water than usual, but I've been trying to get at least 10-8oz cups in every day. Your skin will be plump, hydrated, soft, and a little more glowy. :)

Just not for acne and better skin!
Reviewed on January 28, 2017

What started out as a pre-New Year's resolution over two months ago has become something that I've realized was crucial for not only my acne and skin, but for my overall health.

Overall health aside, however, water not only helps limit the amount of acne I have, but also makes your skin look glowing and overall better. My skin is now smooth and nice, much like you would expect to see after an exfoliator, without any harsh ingredients, methods, etc.

Give it a try; if it doesn't work, at least your body overall will thank you for helping!

I've noticed a lot of comments on reviews asking how much water to drink; it really depends on your weight, height, activity, climate, etc, but there are many calculators out there to help you determine the recommended amount of water to consume each day!

Reviewed on August 14, 2016

Water is a miracle when I am dehydrated I breakout.BUT WHEN I DRINK WATER IT acne WENT AWAY.So lesson ment to be learnt always drink water but don't drink 2 hours before bed time or u will be going to the washroom overnight believe me it is so annoying thx....PS don't drink to much surgery liquid and food because your blood sugar will be high and u will get more acne

by Hellooooo8888 on 08/27/2016 22:24
How many liters do you drink
by MountainMash on 10/16/2016 22:13
I drink 3 liters or less, Or I make sure my pee is clear and I drink it with lemon jicie mostley
Reviewed on March 28, 2016

I barely used to get any water, since I never feel thirsty although I live in a very hot area.

Ever since I started increasing my water intake, honestly my skin really did start to clear up, its amazing how your skin transforms.

Once I stop drinking water, I automatically notice my skin breaking out all over again, so stick to it!

Of course it works
Reviewed on October 26, 2015

Not just for acne, but in general. Drink more. After monitoring my water intake i realized i got less than a litre a day, i now drink 3 litres a day, and my face is glowing. But in general, i feel healthier.

If it doesnt cure your acne (most cases it wont), at least it will help with your overall health.

Drink water
Reviewed on October 1, 2015

I've always drank a ton of water, during times of clear skin and during times of breakouts. It doesn't necessarily prevent acne but it is good for flushing out toxins that may contribute to acne. It improves digestion immensely. So it doesn't directly clear up acne but it is a holistic way to improve overall health which in turn helps skin. I have noticed that my skin rarely gets dry. Not even 10% bp could significantly dry out my skin. But I don't use SA or BP anymore. I'll use 10% sulfur and tea tree oil and get minor flaking but it goes away quickly. So if you have dry skin water may help with moisture. Just drink water and tea every day and no soda coffee juice or milk. Oh but coconut or almond milk are good alternatives for cereal and other things that require milk

Water and diet
Reviewed on September 25, 2015

l've tried many things to get my face clear in past years but only thing that truly helped is diet with the right amount of water intake. l stopped drinking milk, eating sweets and fatty foods,drank more water,green tea and eaten anti inflamatory foods. Since then my scars almost faded and 90% of acne is gone. 1,5 - 2 l of water daily for glowy skin.

by margaritaaa on 07/18/2016 20:29
How much time did it take to see a difference in your scars??
Helps with acne scars,does nothing for acne
Reviewed on August 9, 2015

I aim to drink around 3 litres of water per day. Since I've started this my skin looks brighter and acne scarring has faded quite a lot. Although, it hasn't made any noticeable contribution to reducing the acne itself. As arguably the worst part of having is scarring, I recommend drinking lots of water ever day to help manage it.

by Wormy on 08/30/2015 04:24
Try to eliminate the root cause of your acne, it could b dairy and it will help a lot!
Doesn't do a thing
Reviewed on August 8, 2015

I suffer from mild acne on my cheeks and I always drink water. I only drink juice/soda etc on special occasions . Yes water is good for you but it didn't do a thing for my acne or acne scars and I drink ALOT of water. Since I was a kid my mom stopped Giving me juice/soda so it kinda stuck to me. Many people are always telling me drink more water drink more water I literally have to take 2 liters of drinking water wherever I go because 1 liter isn't enough for me and I finish it fast. it does help with other things but not for my acne. It. Doesn't do a thing. Sorry for my poor grammar 😕

by Wormy on 08/30/2015 04:28
Try a gallon or 4 litres a day, I drink four litres and seeing huge difference! It's been 3 days but one other thing, I also found the cause of my acne was milk so I've stopped drinking milk. Yours may b milk, should try it.
Plump healthy skin!
Reviewed on August 1, 2015

Whenever I drink a lot of water, I find that my skin appears healthier, the skin tone is smoother, and my spots heal faster. I recommend drinking a few huge bottles a day, and you will see your skin start to plump up and be more hydrated. The overall health the water provides helps reduce scars and smooth the skin. Try drinking more water and see the difference it makes not only in your skin, but every other aspect of your health.