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First try, got few small acne
Reviewed on January 25, 2018

I applied this mask last night and i feel burning on my face but later the burning slow down after 10 mins. This morning i got a few small acne with white spot on them. Im going to try this mask every day for a week and update the results later.

Trust in turmeric - but be consistent and take it the correct way
Reviewed on December 5, 2017

Genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors are unavoidable and they are like the trifecta for triggering inflammation based cystic acne. So any long term sustainable "cure" is going to be something that you ingest.

I'm sure there are topical uses that are somewhat effective, but the only point in treating cystic spots is to prevent them, because they leave long term scarring and damage and that spot is forever prone to inflammation even after the cyst is gone.

Turmeric is only fat soluble. So if you're drinking or eating it without fat, you're not absorbing it.

The easiest way to do this is with a tumeric and nut milk latte every morning.

Make sure its not bulked up with filler soy milk or loads of water, it should be a thick and pulpy type of nut milk.

Also - the turmeric should be fresh. Yes, peeling and grating the bulbs dyes your hands for about a day, but just grate a handful and put it in tupperware and it should last a month. Use a teaspoon to make a latte.

The dry powder is usually old and processed and the cumminoid levels and quality will be so low its pointless.

Also, in the short term to treat cystic bumps, I cannot stress this enough: water, water, water, ibuprofen (take and spot treat with a paste), water, repeat.

Also, I noticed that very very very gentle massaging on the hardened area helps reduces the scar tissue and helps the pus drain and blood flow to help your skin repair.

Feels counter intuitive but that hardening and swelling is not good past a certain point, its blowing up a crater in your dermis basically.

Also, coffee and caffeine, yes including green tea and coke zero and even cocoa, is not your friend. Its super inflammatory. If you have to drink it because you need it, take ibuprofen and drink a looot of water before and after.

I had cystic spots and acne for about ten years and the consistent use of turmeric latte saw them disappear. I still have problems with hormonal fluctuations and surface problems with my skin but cysts have been gone for good.

Obviously there are a few other things you can do to help the whole process (exercise - the sweating kind, no drugs or cigarettes, organic plant heavy diet etc) but those are normal things everyone should be doing for base line health but the cysts are a not a normal thing so needs special targetting - the lattes. Give it a month. You'll see a difference.

by Clc93 on 12/05/2017 12:31
Also an amazing immediate fix is rubbing an aloe leaf on your face. Just slice off the leaf and leave plenty of the "slime" on there. Let it completely dry. Redness will be gone.
by Clc93 on 12/05/2017 12:31
Also an amazing immediate fix is rubbing an aloe leaf on your face. Just slice off the leaf and leave plenty of the "slime" on there. Let it completely dry. Redness will be gone.
Acne treatment after using turmeric mask
Reviewed on September 9, 2017

Can I use acne treatment after I wash off turmeric mask?

First time to try turmeric as a mask
Reviewed on September 3, 2017

OMG! There's another 5 breakouts again..1 in my forehead 1 in my left cheek and 3 in my chin,the pus is so disgusting,I can't ecen look at my face in the mirror I was so frustrated then I searched on google about turmerics how it fights acne, then I read some of the reviews here in acne.org I signed up..I tried my first time turmeric mask, just turmeric I bought in city super, then lukewarm water, let's see what will happen..

Reviewed on August 10, 2017

I have a tan on my forehead and nose that I would like to get rid of. I know turmeric is good for lightening but what other ingredient should I use with it? Also, I have a lot of cheek pimples and redness.

Reviewed on May 2, 2017

Can i still use this with milk if i have acne prone skin? I want to lighten so I want to add milk, but i dont want it to irritate my skin since i have acne prone skin

by Indianwithacne on 05/21/2017 07:34
I would not recommend milk. Rather try using plain yogurt with turmeric.
Turmeric Mask - Loving it so far!
Reviewed on April 13, 2017

I have had adult for almost 3 years now (since I turned 22) and I have tried many different things to help.

I have only done 3 turmeric masks so far, but the results have been amazing! I was sceptical but with all the great reviews thought it's worth a try.

After the first mask, I didn't notice much of a difference and the next day I still had a few new spots (as usual). After the second mask, the next day the new spots that appeared the day before had almost gone already! No swelling or redness, I was amazed. And after the 3rd and today, I only had one very small pimple and all other spots had gone right down. My skin is the best it has looked in ages! Also the red marks left from old spots are a lot less noticeable. I realised as I barely had to use concealer before applying my mineral make up, where as usually I would go round my whole face basically with concealer first. I'm very excited to carry on and hope it continues to improve and prevent new spots. I will use every day for a week, then I'll change to every other day.

My Mask:

1tsp Turmeric Powder

2tsp Honey

(if I have some left over then I put in the fridge. Add a few drips of milk if it hardens in the fridge before applying the next day)

Mix into a paste and apply for 20mins (I don't leave on for much longer as the staining is harder to remove, if it does stain your skin then coconut oil is good to remove the colour)

I have decided to ditch all other products for the time being (was using dermalogica) and things I have noticed from just using the mask is 1. I don't need to moisturise after, normally any products/masks leave my skin feeling dry after washing off with water. Although I do use a small amount of bio oil anyway to help with scars.

2. Usually by mid day my T-zone would get shiny/oily, but this hasn't been the case. I go the whole day without it getting shiny woohoo.

I will update in another week or so. For anyone thinking of trying it, it's definitely worth a try!! I love it =)

by lechaflan on 05/20/2017 14:34
Hey there. Do you have an update and mind uploading pics? I just started with a honey/turmeric mixture today. Also, do you have another alternative to cleaning stains with coconut oil? I love coconut oil but putting it on my face breaks me out.
Reviewed on March 7, 2017

Can i use tumeric with yogurt everyday? Please. Is it good to fight acne and to treat acne? I've been suffering cheeks acne! 😭😭😭😭😭 Is this really effective mask to use to treat them! 😭😭😭😭 My acne always breakouts in my cheeks and chin only. 😭😭

by phuonganh_232 on 03/09/2017 18:36
You should mask 3 times per week. from my experience
by Aqtpetootie on 05/17/2017 16:12
Cheek acne is a food allergy of some sort. Its most likely dairy or gluten. In some cases its oils. I have heard of chocolate also causing cheek pimples. Chin acne is hormonal. And forehead pimples are related to stress. Nose pimples are blocked pores. I hope you find the right treatment for you..
by Indianwithacne on 05/21/2017 07:38
Hello I also get chin and cheek acne and found what helps me is mixing turmeric with plain yogurt and bentonite clay to make a mask which I applied every day to my cheeks and chin. It really helps with acne and hyperpigmentation. Also I recommend buying alcoholic disinfectant wipes to wipe your phone screen so that germs don't transfer and change pillow sheets often(preferably use silk sheets).
turmeric mask
Reviewed on January 24, 2017

can i used turmeric mask every day ?? it is bad or its fine ??

i just started using it now . im thinking to use it everyday to see the fast result !!

can someone reply ☺ if its good to use everyday or not . thanks

by youngcashmoney on 01/31/2017 23:06
its fine mosy women from india use it evryday. that is why indians have such glowing nice skin
Brown spots & open pores
Reviewed on November 11, 2016

Love it!! - Tried the tumeric, honey, almond oil & milk and the results are mind blowing. Thx you guy, I was about to spend hundreds on facial products.

by getridofmyblemish on 02/05/2017 19:06
what was your recipe for ur mask?
by Rachie39 on 03/13/2017 01:28
Yeah id like to know aswell. And can you use almond or soy milk instead of dairy?
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