There are few studies on topical scar treatments, and most of these do not report any side effects. Based on the scant available evidence, the charts below show the chances of developing side effects from topical scar treatments.3

Certain/Likely Side Effects (% = Incidence)

None reported

Possible/Rare Side Effects

SHORT TERM Human synthetic EGF only: Acne flare-upup to 8.3%*


One study has looked at the side effects of topical treatments for atrophic scars.

  • Study 1:

    • Authors: Stoddard et al.3
    • Total # of patients: 12
    • # of female patients: 11
    • # of male patients: 1
    • Age of patients: 18-62 Average: 32.5
    • Type of treatment: Topical synthetic EGF serum
    • Duration of treatment and follow-up: 12 weeks of treatments twice a day
    • Side effects: Acne flare-up: 8.3%

* All patients had Asian skin type.

Study 1: In a study published in 2017 in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Stoddard and colleagues treated 12 patients with atrophic (indented) acne scars. All patients were people of color and were instructed to apply topical serum containing synthetic EGF to their faces twice a day for 12 weeks. One patient experienced an acne flare-up and quit the study early. The remaining 11 patients completed the study and did not report any side effects.3

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