The total cost of topical scar treatment can vary widely depending on how long you intend to apply the treatment.

The total cost of topical scar treatment depends on the:

  • Active ingredients: Over-the-counter topical treatments containing onion extract and vitamin E tend to be cheaper than prescription treatments containing retinoids or human synthetic EGF. Since topical treatment products can come in multiple different sizes, prices are given per ounce.
Active ingredientExample productsPrice per ounce of topical product
Over-the-counter treatments
Onion extractMederma®$15.14
Vitamin EDermaE®, ScarGuard®$27.40
Prescription treatments
Topical retinoidsRetin-A®, Tazorac®, Differin®$124.30
Human synthetic EGFBioEffect® EGF serum$320.00
  • Your insurance coverage: Over-the-counter treatments are generally not covered by health insurance, but many insurance plans will fully or partially cover the cost of prescription treatments like topical retinoids and human synthetic EGF. Check your coverage with your health insurance provider.
  • Size of skin area to be treated: The larger the area of skin that you want to treat, the more quickly you will use up the topical product and need to purchase more.
  • Duration of treatments: You will need to continue the treatment for several months before you can determine whether it is having any beneficial effect. During this period, you will need to purchase the topical product at regular intervals, which means the costs can add up substantially over time.

If you decide to try a topical treatment, shop around at multiple pharmacies to find the best price.