Photodynamic Therapy

Compare To Other Treatments

The following side effects are expected during the photodynamic therapy course. Contact your doctor if these symptoms are severe and/or do not go away:

How Common (based on clinical studies)

PainUp to 100% of all users
Redness in the areaUp to 100% of all users
PeelingUp to 83% of all users
Mild transient acneUp to 78 % of all users
SwellingUp to 71.4% of all users
Severe painUp to 68.4% of all users
ItchingUp to 65% of all users
Temporary pigmentary changeUp to 65% of all users
Stinging sensationUp to 55% of all users
Severe redness Up to 35% of all users
CrustingUp to 33.3% of all users
Burning sensationUp to 15% of all users
BlistersUp to 2.3% of all users
RashUp to 2% of all users
ScabUp to 2% of all users

Photodynamic therapy may also cause other side effects that are not mentioned here. Contact your doctor if you experience any other troublesome symptoms after photodynamic therapy.

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