Intralesional Chemotherapy / Cytotoxic Drugs

Compare To Other Treatments

On average you can expect to pay about $1,000. 

A single intralesional treatment with cytotoxic drugs may vary widely from about $100 up to about $500 or more per session, and multiple sessions are normally required.

Your health insurance may partially or fully cover the cost of intralesional treatment with cytotoxic drugs. Be sure to check your coverage with your insurance provider before scheduling a treatment.

The total cost of intralesional treatment with cytotoxic drugs depends on the:

  • Scar size and severity: In general, a larger or more severe scar will require more treatment sessions. Most doctors charge per session, so more sessions will translate into substantially higher costs.
  • Response of scar(s) to treatment: Depending on how much improvement occurs after each treatment session, the doctor will decide how many sessions are needed. Each additional session increases the total cost of treatment.
 Average cost per sessionTypical number of sessionsTotal cost
  • Geographic location of medical facility: Intralesional treatment with cytotoxic drugs is more expensive in some cities and countries than in others.
  • Physician’s experience: Doctors who have more experience with intralesional cytotoxic drugs may charge a higher fee.
  • Recurrence of scars: Hypertrophic and keloid scars may potentially improve and then recur sometime later, requiring a new round of treatments. This will dramatically increase the total cost.

If you decide to undergo intralesional treatment with cytotoxic drugs, obtain price estimates from multiple doctors before scheduling a treatment.