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Found 907 results

  1. So quick run down of my acne story. I've never had "acne" before. I'm 23 now and besides the odd spot here and there during that time of the month & hyperpigmentation I've had pretty good skin, not perfect but for the most part pretty damn good! In April/June this year my skin started acting up, I'm talking big huge spots on my forehead especially. I used black soap and that helped clear it up a lot but not completely so I decided to take extra measures, I came off the implant that I thought
  2. SocialAssassin

    Starting The Regimen! 8D

    Hey guys, Paul here. I figured I might as well keep a log on here to let everyone know how it works for me and also to remind myself of the journey. A little bit about myself: I just turned 15 recently I play Tennis almost daily, often for many hours at a time in the hottest and coldest parts of the year alike I've been struggling with mild/moderate acne for the past 2 years or so. It's only become relatively bad for the past year and a half, and was at its worst starting about 3 months ago
  3. lizardanne

    Day 15: Oops.

    Last night and this morning might have set me back. It's hard to say for sure, but I'm kind of freaking out. First, I managed to forget my acne.org cleanser while I was at my boyfriend's house last night. I was pretty upset, and was frantically trying to figure out what to use to wash my face! I had some makeup on that I had tried on earlier in a store, and needed to get it off. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had NOTHING. Not even baby wipes. So, I pulled myself together and used the only
  4. Hello! Just a quick question: I'm starting Week 4 of The Regimen tomorrow, pretty excited I've made it this far! The only concern I have is that I want to double-check that it's working properly. My skin started out with mostly clogged pores and some small papules that would turn into whiteheads. Now, my skin has about 80% LESS clogged pores, but a LOT of whiteheads (maybe 5-6 on each cheek). It looks like they're pushing out, so I'm not touching them, but they're pretty large and hei
  5. Need some advice from people who have done caveman regimen so I'm very interested in starting the no wash the no nothing idea however I work as plumber and workout every night so lots of sweat and dirty. have people done this regimen with a similar lifestyle if so how did they approach it? i just can't see it working with all that sweat and dirt...
  6. I have been taking accutane for nearly 3 months now. first month at 40mg, second at 60 and third at 60. It is not working as I had hoped so I am wondering what sort of regimen I should be using for washing my face. I currently use cleanser once every few days but generally I just rely on water and showers to wash it. I haven't been using moisturizer. Are you supposed to be washing your face regularly while on it? I was worried I would be too dry and figured it wasn't necessary every day. What
  7. My name is Thomas and I'm seventeen years old. I had never had any problems with acne, maybe something here or there, but in the past months acne seemed to take over my whole face. It began to be really bad and I started to conceal the acne, which made it even worse. So then I researched the internet for a whole day, and I found the regimen. I have been on the regimen for exactly three weeks now, and it has really helped me a lot. As you can see on the pictures below, the acne was worst on