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Found 40 results

  1. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  2. I have been using Dr Organics Snail Gel for 3.5 weeks and it's made such a huge improvement to my skin already! I would highly recommend for anyone suffering with acne, scarring and an uneven or oily complexion!! Snail secretion filtrate is all natural, cruelty free and the latest craze to come out of South Korea! It's well worth it - I would highly recommend.
  3. So I've been using Dan's BP for a little over a year now. It's been the best thing for my acne that I've ever tried - but recently, after a year of clear skin, I've been experiencing minor spots and other types of minor acne. It's not that noticeable and for the most part my skin is clear, but what's disturbing is that they keep coming back. Here's the type of acne that I'm getting right now (it's different from when I first started the regimen) SPOTS: Reddish pink spots that are typically und
  4. So lately I've been really interested in organic skincare. I don't know why. My whole motto about skincare is, "If it's working, why change it?" or "If it's not broken, don't fix it".... But is it really working? I was looking through my pile of what I call "skincare" products, which are basically a bunch of chemicals, and honestly, I thought I knew what ingredients to avoid but I don't think I know the half of it. I can't tell you ANYTHING about 98% of the ingredients in my products. None. Now
  5. Hello! For the last 3 years or so I have searched online for answers about why my skin was so red. Could it be from my acne? Could I have rosacea before I was even 30? Would it ever go away? Who else had this kind of redness that I did? I am here to post my progress, and maybe be of some kind of reference or guidance to someone else who is searching for answers, sees my skin, and can relate. I had always had some kind of acne since I was about 11. I never did NOT have some kind of blemish on my
  6. I'm thinking of beginning the over-the counter version of the regimen, but I'm wondering if anyone has heard of the Keys Island Rx Foaming cleanser. I've been using it and I really like it, but I'm not sure how it will interact with the benzoperoxide part of the regimen. I've been taking Vitex and I think that's been making a significant difference (as well as Krill oil and Juice Plus). http://www.natureofbeauty.com/keys-islandrx.html Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciat
  7. Shea terra african black soap http://www.sheaterraorganics.com/african-black-soap-natural-organic.html I really want to use black soap, so i want to know what product is better. Also, if you guys use any other brand that really works, please tell me! thanks! coastal scents http://www.coastalscents.com/catalog/product/view/id/5160/s/black-soap-with-shea-butter/category/190/ Shea terra african black soap
  8. Here's the site: http://sproutskincare.com/collections/frontpage I love what they're all about. I kind of want to buy the cleanser! Thoughts?
  9. Hey. I'm new to the site, but now I'm finnaly clear I wanted to share with others how I did it so they can (hopefully) achieve the same fantastic results that I did! I started getting acne at around 16 and it had flared up to pretty moderate/severe cystic acne by the time I was about 17. I took minocycline for a while and started using benzoyl peroxide cream in the form of 'Quinoderm'. I did see results after a few months, but the benzoyl peroxide was far too harsh for my skin and, although
  10. Do I have to use the Acne.org jojoba oil or can i use any other oil? For example the Botanics brand facial oil which contains rosehip.
  11. Hi everyone!! I am currently working on helping my acne scars and hyper pigmentation. I do have a breakout every once in a while but my routine I have created has really helped. I have cut out a lot of dairy, drink almost a gallon of water a day, and eat a lot more healthier. Although I am currently not on the acne.org regimen, as I have found it after my routine, I did just order the AHA + glycolic acid. Heres what my routine looks like - morning: wash my face with my clinique redness solutions
  12. Hey y'all! I'm wanting to switch my routine to a mostly organic skincare line (minus dan's BP). What are your recommendations for a line that is affordable, and easily accessible? I don't want to have to order on line, but I will if it's necessary. I've been looking into Alba Botanica, but it's kinda hard to find the full line in stores. I've also been looking at Burt's Bees. Now that my skin is clear, I need something to treat the dark spots and give me some more radiance. Any suggestions
  13. This is my story I had moderate to severe acne vulgaris when I realized I needed to do something. I was smoking a pack a day, lots of weed and every drug you can think of I took on regular basis and drank a lot to and ate nothing but mcdonalds and other fast food any and all junk food was my diet with a few 52 ounce sodas every day and absolutely no water and very poor hygiene. One day I was with friends and the looked at me like I was a monster and started treating me differently which was a re
  14. This new cheese I saw on Shark Tank called Heidi Ho Cheese (Organic). This is very special cheese. It actually tastes super good (just watch the episode, they couldn't stop eating it), and it's vegan, which means dairy free! This is special because usually vegan cheese tastes like crap from what I've heard. They have multiple flavors, too: Creamy Chia Cheese; Spicy! Chia Cheese; Smoky Chia Cheese; Ne Chèvre - Pure; Ne Chèvre - Black Lava; Ne Chèvre - Blueberry Go to the link below
  15. Hello all So I have had clear skin for a while now following my regime but still have acne prone skin. In the past consuming dairy products = Spots. Avoiding dairy is the first thing I would advise anyone to do. I naively decided to try consume Organic Grass Fed dairy products. Thinking ah they haven't been injected with hormones so it won't cause how acne. How wrong was I. I got to day 4/5 and starting breaking out & skin became inflamed. I later decided to research the matt
  16. I read the Acne No More ebook (AcneNoMore dot com). It's like 240 or something pages long. I've learned a lot, and now I'm going to start the diet/regimen recommended in the book. It's a 56 day diet/cleanse and it's going to be tough, but everything I read in the book made sense to me, and coincided with everything else I've learned. Oh yeah, and I'm a 16 year old guy if that matters. I'm going to have to do it during the school year, which means not taking school lunch, which is practically a
  17. Hey there. My name is Emma. I am 22 years old and live in London, England. Please support me in my experiment I will live on a whole foods, organic, vegan, high-carbohydrate diet for 3 months. I will track my nutritional info on CronoMeter. I will document my progress and experience so we can all learn from it. PURPOSE We can research journals, watch youtube and read the forums until we're blue (or red and lumpy) in the face. Only we, ourselves, can truly learn from experience. So here
  18. Hi everyone, Today at my local health food store I came across a type of flatbread called lavash, made out of millet and flax seed (and added spices for flavor). I bought a pack, and it tastes delicious! I'm trying to follow the candida diet, and the ingredients seemed permissible so I thought I would recommend it to those of you with multiple food allergies or on elimination diets. Other kinds of lavash are made from wheat and flour, but this particular kind is made out of flaxseed and millet,
  19. So, I've recently stumbled upon a few products that spark my curiosity. I'm always looking for things that are good for my skin and I'm always open to new ways to treat it - however, I'm really tired of all these false claims that drugstore companies are making. "CLEARS ACNE IN ONE DAY," oh sure, tell me more. "KILLS 99% OF BACTERIA!" oh yeah, I bet. "#1 ACNE FIGHTING BRAND IN THE WORLD!" sure, suuuureee. Yet we keep falling for these claims because there's something inside us that believes or
  20. Hi folks has anyone tried it organic milk ive been looking at alternatives to normal cows milk to see if it would help thanks.
  21. Most of us know the benefits of grass fed and organic meats, but many of us find that they cannot afford to eat organic at many meals, while grain fed meat is much cheaper and preferable to one on a limited budget. A new farms bill is coming up soon, so I found a petition that calls for the end to corn subsidies. This would in effect drive the price of corn up to the point where it would be preferable for farmers to have their animals eat naturally as it should be (not accounting for soy, which
  22. Hey everyone, I'm not sure how many of you are into organic stuff, but I'm pretty big on it, so I thought I'd share some info. If anyone is on the fence about it or not sure which brand to use, I have some of the inside scoop. I used Pangea Organics for about a year before switching to Juice Beauty just a couple months ago. Pangea didn't really take care of my acne, so I started looking for something else. Juice Beauty, on the other hand, has worked wonders on my acne and my skin is SO much
  23. Hi Everyone, My family and I went to PEI back in June 2011, and we drove by a small farm that made and was selling all natural, farm-fresh and handmade goat's milk soaps and creams. We bought a whole bunch of things and went home, thinking nothing of it. Well! My daughter had severe eczema around her mouth and face, and by using this soap, it cured it completely in just two weeks! We were shocked, as we had tried EVERYTHING, every natural or medicated cream, even antibiotics, but NOTHIN
  24. Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last updated… I went off the grid for a while there partially because I was in Japan (in the US now visiting friends and family for two weeks!) and busy with Japan stuff, and also because I was thinking less and less about my skin. I’m still not really obsessed with it or particularly worried anymore – trying to be, anyway – but I’ll give an update: Face: Looking OK pimple-wise, with some stuff going on in my temples and at the tops of my cheekbone
  25. Last night I tried a honey mask for the first time. A friend of mine has their own bee hives and harvested a large jar to give to us- You can't get more organic then that! So I decided to try just doing straight honey on my face. It was interesting- First off it felt like I was applying glue to my face. As I waited... and my skin began to warm the honey I felt it 'moving' - In other words, dripping downward. So I had to be watchful with it and my initial desire to leave it on for 30 minutes